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From: padmini ranganathan (
Date: Fri Jul 16 1999 - 05:27:13 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,

This is Padmini Ranganathan. I have been a continuous reader of your
articles since recently & am thrilled ! I thank Sri. Mani for getting
us this sort of an  opportunity!

I would like to tell you that I am the grand daughter of
Sri.U.Ve.Dr.N.S.Anantha Rangachar. I think, you already know about him
thro' Mr.Krishna Kalale & Balagi.C.G, who have introduced him in a very
nice way. He is a deep student of VishisTAdwaitha, who studied vEdAntha
in the traditional way under his master Sri.U.Ve.Krishna Tatachar
Swamy.He has trained a no. of batches in Sribhasya & other classics of
VishisTAdwaitha. His book on Philosophy of VishiaTAdwaitha is published
30 years back by the university of Mysore. His latest work is "RAmAnuja
sUkthi mukthavaLi", wherein he has given the original statements of
RAmAnuja with their translation to present an authenticated version of
VishiaTAdwaitha in the very words of RAmAnuja.

May I know your opinion about releasing a weekly serial on "the gist of
Sri Bhasya on chatussUtRI (the 4 sutRas)", which will be done by
Dr.N.S.A. I would like to proceed only after hearing from you since
this needs a considerable amount of time & energy by the scholar.
Also I want it to be more like a "KAlaksHepam" wherein you can ask your
doubts also & get answers from the scholar. Any other suggestions are

I thank you all for giving me your time.

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