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RE: Re: what does 'adiyEn' mean?

From: Sankaran Panchapagesan (
Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 18:04:48 PDT

I am a bit confused.

>Or, as another member privately expressed, sometimes it
>seems that people say 'adiyEn' (Your servant) so vociferously
>that it actually seems like they mean 'adippEn' (I will hit >you). :-)

Is it "adiyEn" or "aDiyEn" (with a retroflex D)? Because "I will	hit you" is
"aDippEn", and you don't seem to distinguish between "d" and "D".

Does "adiyEn" have anything to do with "aDi" one of whose meanings is
"bottom" (maybe at the feet of the Lord?) in Tamizh?


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