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Re: VisishtAdvaitA

From: Murali Kadambi (
Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 08:40:32 PDT

SrimAn Sudarshan and all other esteemed bhAgawatas,

I agree with you in that VisistAdvaitA is a term that came much later
than Ramanuja.  I have read in some books that RAmAnuja's system of
philosophy is called SAreeraka MeemAmsa.  But I doubt that even this is
a term that describes RAmAnuja's school of thought specifically,
because a large number of authors refer to the Brahma sUtrAs/J~nAna
kAnda of vedAs themselves as SAreeraka MeemAmsa.  So, only in the
limited sense that RAmAnuja's philosophy agrees one hundred percent
with the prasthAnAya traya can His philosophy assume that name.

However just as Sankara's philosophy can also been called mAyA vAda and
Madhwa's has been variously called bhEda vAda and tattva vAda, I wonder
what vAda, RAmAuja' philosophy is called?  may be sareerAtma-brahma
vAda?  I don't know.

May one of our knowledgeable list-member shed light on this.

|| sarvam sree krshnArpaNam ||
-- muraLi kadAmbi

--- sudarshan madabushi <> wrote:
> Dear members,
> I have been reading some of your very interesting
> and vociferous discussions 
> on Sri.RamAnujAchAryA and VisistAdvaitA.
> Here, I would like to take a moment of yours just
> like to remind you  that 
> the term "VisishtAdvaitA" itself was never coined by
> RamAnujA and I daresay 
> you will not find the term used by him in any work
> of his!
> adiyEn,
> Sudarshan
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