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Re.Paduka Sahasram

From: Balaji CG (
Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 05:23:41 PDT

Dear BhakthAs,

The kaimkaryams that have been undertaken by Dr.Murali Rangaswami, Dr VNV
and Dr. Sadagopan regarding the monograph on Swami Deshikar virachitha "Sri
Paduka Sahasram" is worthy of every praise. May the Divya Dampathis grant
them every success in this divine endeavor. 
At the same juncture I also wanted to add that this great poetic composition
of Swami Deshikar has also been published by U.Ve Dr.
N.S.AnanthaRangachariar. Dr N.S.AnanthaRangachariar, a profound scholar in
Sanskrit, Tamil, English and Kannada has published this great work of Swami
Deshikar comprising of a 1008 slokams along with their condensed meanings in
Kannada spanning into multiple volumes.
Dr N.S.A also has the dubious distinction of being a great exponent of the
Vishishtadvaitha siddhantham and has innumerable books to his credit in this

I also request all the BhaktAs to share any material if available on Paduka
Sahasram, especially technical details concerning "chitra padhathi" where
Sri Swami Deshikan weaves Bhakthi, Mathematics, Kavyam and Rhythm into one.


[Balaji Rajasimha C.G]
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