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QUIZ REGARDING : SrI acyuta Satakam - Part 4.

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed Jul 14 1999 - 17:36:45 PDT

Sri Narasimhan Krishnamachari has written wonderfully on Achyuta shatakam. 
 If one reads the article with interest, one can find that the very essence 
of the vedas, gita and vedantasutras are woven in the devotional 
outpourings of our great acharya Sri Vedanta Desika.

Adiyen wanted to ask a QUIZ on the following paragraph written by sri 
Narasimhan Krishnamachari :

Because He is both the prakRti and the jIva from which everything is
created, He is the material cause of this Universe - upAdAna kAraNa;
because He is the Creator of everything, He is also the instrumental
cause of everything - nimitta kAraNa.  He is like both the clay that is
used to make the pot and the pot maker that makes the pot.  Everything
that exists e.g., the pot, has two such as causes for their existence,
and these two are never the same.  BhagavAn is the only exception and
wonder who happens to be both the upAdAna kAraNam and nimitta kAraNam
simultaneoulsy for creating a given object or being  (Slokam 12)

[Krishna Kalale]  The quiz is as follows:

IF God is both the nimitta and upadana karana He is both the pot and the 
potter.   He is the created and the created!!  If so He himself becomes 
this universe after creation.

a)  If so how is it different from the school of bhaskara "bhedabhedavada" 
b) how is it different from the school of Yadavaprakasa which also admits 
bhedabhedavada ?
c) what is the difference between advaita and visistadvaita regarding the 
"abhinna nimittopadana karanatva"( or the aspect that HE is both the 
created and the creator?)

Please note that this is just to create interest in the readers.  THis is 
not to show off that adiyen knows the answer.  Adiyen only knows how to ask 
questions  stupid or reasonable!
 adiyen Krishna
[Krishna Kalale]