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Sindurac cempoDi 2

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 17:06:49 PDT

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

             nAcciyAr tirumozhi IX - Sindurac cempoDi  
      pASuram 9.2 (ninth tirumozhi - pAsuram 2 pORkkaLiRu porum)

                 avan aLitta mAlai Seyda yuttam

pORkkaLiRu porum mAlirum cOlai am pUmpuRavil
 tArkkoDi mullaigaLum tavaLa nagai kATTuginRa
kArkkoL paDAkkaL ninRu kazhaRic cirikkat tariyEn
 ArkkiDugO? tOzhI! Avan tAr Seyda pUSalaiyE

A. Meaning from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

"The majestic male elephants which are sporting on the 
corridors of tirumAl irum Solai by fighting with each 
other, remind me of the majestic emperumAn.  The jasmine 
flowers that decorate these paths remind me of the beautiful 
smile of bhagavAn;  another kind of creeper by name paDA is 
sprouting out with abundant flowers, and these together look 
like they are laughing at my sorrowful plight.  I can't bear 
this misery.  Oh My Dear Friend! To whom can we go and appeal 
for remedy against this injustice that is resulting from 
our desiring the garland of this azhagar of tirumAl irum 

B. Additional thoughts from SrImAn Sadagopan:

The thought of the beautiful garland 
that decorates azhagar reminds godai of her dream 
"mandirak kODi uDuti maNamAlai andari SUTTa kanAk 
kaNDEn tOzhi", and makes her feel even more lonely 
from the separation from Him. 

C. Additional thoughts (from SrI PVP ):

pORkkaLiRu porum mal irum SOlai: Male elephants are 
roaming around and having fun like emperumAn, while the 
female elephants are suffering from loneliness just like me. 

tArkkoDi mullai: the sight of the jasmine flowers is 
torturing me by reminding me of emperumAn's sweet smile when 
we were together.  The jasmine creeper is another creeper 
delicate like me, a peN koDi.  Even though we are both 
alike in many senses, these creepers are torturing me.  
It is unheard of that these things are tormenting someone 
who is of their type (sa-jAti or vi-jAti).

KArkkoL paDAkkaL:   the flowers cover the entire creeper 
and this is like emperumAn laughing whole-heartedly out 
of His svatantra Anandam after having mingled with me.

ArkkiDugO tOzhi:   godai turns to her dear friend nearby 
to share her grief with her, but finds that the tozhi 
is already overcome by sorrow because of godai's condition 
and is unconsciously lying on the floor.  Thus the friend 
who shares godai's concerns is not available to listen 
to godai's suffering.  godai is wondering aloud with whom 
she can share her grief, hopeless helplessness and 
despair, shame and disgrace, especially because these 
other people have their own concerns and worries, and 
it will be futile for godai to share her problems with 
these others.  

NammAzhvAr conveys this state of the tozhi-s in 
tiruvAimozhi 9-9-5 "yAmuDait-tuNai ennum tOzhimArum emmil 
mun avanukku mAivarAlO")- al my dear friends who care for 
me and worry about my state are dying before me out of 
their sorrow at His lack of concern for me and at my 
pathetic state. 

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.

Kalyani Krishnamachari

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