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Re : persuit of wealth

From: Anantha Krishna (
Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 09:48:46 PDT

>To me, if we elevate all our great examples to avatAra-hood,
>this increases the distance between them and myself.  Desika
>is then capable of anything, because he was in no way like
>myself.  He did not really face the obstacles that I did,
>because he can overcome any problem.  Why would I have any
>hope of doing similar? Why would I care to even think I can
>follow his example?

>To me, and I only speak for myself, our acharyas' lives are
>far more meaningful if I consider them exceptional human
>beings, who, while being susceptible to the same foibles as
>you and I, for some reason managed to rise above it.

These thoughts are really good and act as stimulants to persue our goal with 
more involvement. This kind of thinking gives us hope that we can try to 
live a life closer to what our AchAryAs want us to lead. I had a question 
regarding the avatara purushas,
Are they not born to experience the same foibles as you and I to show us 
that it is possible to overcome them (irrespective of the time into which 
they are born)? Whether it is an avatara purusha or a normal human being, 
where is the question of foibles once the soul leaves the body? Maybe the 
avatara purushas or exceptional human beings always had in mind that all 
these experiences in this world are temporary and were deeply involved in 
achieving a higher goal than overcomming the foibles. We just say that these 
foibles are temporary, but still get ourselves more involved in trying to 
overcome them, forgetting our real goal. These are just thoughts that came 
to me. No flames please :-)))


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