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Periya Thirumozhi 4.5- SarvEshawarn- My Swami resides at ThirumaNikkoodam!!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 02:16:37 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

SarvEshwaran,- the One who grants all that the devotees ask for; who 
protects everyone and everything; who removes and destroys the enemies of 
His devotees; and in order to remove them, He out of His own accord, comes 
on his own taking avathaars; - Such Greatest, most merciful Lord, is here at 
Thirunaangoor, ThirumaNikkoodam, to do all good to us.

1. The Lord, who alleviated the sorrows and sufferings of GajEndran, (who 
has the tree like trunk); who lifted the huge, big Govardhana mountain, to 
save the cattle from the torrential down pour; - is my Swami, residing at 
this sthalam of ThirumaNikkoodam, where the Cauveri river in its swift 
currents, gather golden particles along with it..

2. The Lord, who aimed the arrows, removing all sufferings caused by the 
asurAs; who sucked the breast (that glittered with poison) of Poothanai, 
having sword like teeth, and shouting with great noise; - Such most 
wonderful lord is My Swami residing in ThirumaNikkoodam, where river waters 
spread fragrance due to its carrying with it, the red kumkum paste that was 
smeared on the breasts of women having bimbha fruit like mouths.

3. The Lord, who killed Kesi asuran; who crawled in between two marudha 
trees and finished them; who destroyed the seven strong legged  bulls and 
hugged the shoulders of most feminine and beautiful Nappinnai PiraaTTi; is 
my Swami residing in ThirumaNikkoodam, where Brahmins who study and do 
research in them are well taken care of supported financially by others.

4. The Lord, who plucked the tusk of Kuvalayaapeetam elephant,( whose anger 
and actions could not be endured by anyone, and who has thick legs and 
trunk,) who climbed on the tree of kurundha and broke it; who ripped open 
the beak of the pakAsuran (who had appeared as the crane to kill Kutti 
KaNNan); who killed the seven bulls; is My Swami residing in 
ThirumaNikkoodam, where the lay monkeys eat mangoes, and jump to banana 
plants for eating the banana fruits due to which bees that drink honey there 
get scared and fly away.

5. The lowly lady raakshasi, Soorpanakai, came with large opened mouth, 
saying “I will eat SitA”, and was punished with her nose and ears getting 
cut by the darling younger brother of My Swami- SarvEshawaran, Sri Raman- 
resides at ThirumaNikkoodam, where the Lord Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan 
stays eternally, along with his Divine consorts BhUmi PiraaTTi, the One who 
never Sees Her devotees’ faults; and Periya PiraaTTi, who never ever leaves 

6. The Lord, who appeared as Fish, Vaamanan, Bird (Hamsam), Varaaham,
Narasingam, Hayagreevan, et al, has the whole Universe, the Sun, the Moon, 
and everything under His command and control. Such Greatest most wonderful 
Swami is My Lord, who resides at ThirumaNikkoodam, where strong, most 
virtuous Brahmins (who  conquer even the Chozha, Pandya kings and make them 
run away) reside.

7. The mountains, the Space, the earth, the cool waters, the moon, the hot 
sun, the whole gamut of stars,  are all His properties. He owns them; Such 
Greatest Swami is my Swami, who resides at ThirumaNikkoodam, where the 
gentle most fragrant breeze, passes through the vast streets, paddy fields, 
gardens, the huge
buildings etc..

8. When one tries do something, there is suspicion, fear or apprehension as 
to whether at all, we can perform such a task; - Such a fear; - the courage 
that one gets in order to carry out such a difficult work- such a courage; - 
the lie, that is
uttered and yields only bad fruits and none good; - such a lie;- the truth 
that is uttered, and gives only good to the utterer; - such a truth; - the 
clouds that (without expecting anything in return) protect the earth by 
showering rains on it,- the thunder, the lightning, etc.. etc.. – ALL of the 
above BELONG
ONLY to SarvEshawaran; My Swami, who resides at ThirumaNikkoodam.

9. Sins(Paapams), Virtues (PuNyams), the mOksham, the bliss that one gets 
(by attaining mOksham), the sufferings (that one gets on this earth), the 
anger (that one gets, when failed in his attempt), the grace (anugraham), - 
(like that all other guNAs), are all His…Such Greatest Lord is My Swami;- 
who resides at Thiru maNikkoodam, where sages of the likes of Sanaka, and 
Devas like Indra, come here and praise Him saying “He alone is the Chief of 
the Brahma and Sivan.”

10. This ten of Thirumangaimannan, - (Kaliyan, who has the bright, sharp 
spear in his hand, ) is about the Divya Desam of ThirumaNikkodam and its 
Emperumaan, where the tall buildings touch even the moon;  Those who recite 
These ten pAsurams (or read their meanings) will be blessed to:

1. Rule this world;
2. Enjoy (later) the pleasures of IndralOkam; and then
3. Cut across the Soorya MaNdalam and enter and live in Parama padham.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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