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stotra ratnam continued.

From: sriram suresh (
Date: Sun Jul 11 1999 - 09:45:22 PDT

Respected members,
                  Slokhas 46 to 49 of yaamunaacharya's stotraratna are as 
follows :-

slokha 46 :-

Bhavantam ev'aanucaran nirantaram
prasaanta-nissesa manorath'aantarah;
kad'aaham aikaantika-nitya-kinkarah
praharsayisyaami sanaatha-jiivitah.

Constantly waiting on you alone,with all other desires absolutley 
quenched,when shall I, an eternal servant of you and you alone,delight 
you,having you as the lord of my life.

slokha 47 :-

Dhig asucim avinitam nirbhayam maam alajjam
parama-purusa! yo'ham yogivary'aagraganyaih
vidhi-siva-sanak'aadyaih dhyaatum atyanta-duuram
tava parijana-bhaavam kaamaye kaama-vrttah.

Fie upon me,O supreme purusha - on me,who though 
impure,immodest,audacious,impudent and self willed and yet desirous of the 
rank of your servant,which even those worthy of being counted foremost among 
the supreme yogins,such as brahma,siva and sanaka cannot concieve in their 

Slokha 48 :-

patitam bhiima-bhavaarnav'odare;
agatim saran'aagatam hare!
krpayaa kevalam aatmasaat kuru.

O Hari!pray, make me your own out of sheer grace - me who am fallen into the 
depths of the terrible ocean of wordly existence, and who, being resortless, 
have sought refuge at your feet.

slokha 49 :-

Aviveka ghan'aandha-dinmukhe
bahudhaa santata-duhkha-varsini;
bhagavan! bhava-durdine pathah
skalitam maam avalokay'aacyuta!

O Bhagavan, O Achyuta, cast your glance on me who have swerved from the path 
of spiritual life on this gloomy and rainy day of worldly existence, when 
the quarters of the sky are darkened with the cloud of non-disrimination, 
which continually rains sorrows on me in various ways.

Sri krishnaarpanamasthu


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