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Material life

Date: Sun Jul 11 1999 - 07:47:18 PDT

 Srimathey Ramanujaya Namaha:!!!
Dearest Bhagavatha's,
This is in response to queries by Sriman Mani Varadarajan regarding
pursuit of material life. Although I haven't had the chance to look at all
the postings on this subject, I would put forth the views our great
 Alwars, Acharyas as I understood. Nothing in this world is wrong to pursue
if it is for the kainkaryam of Bhagavadh, Bhagavatha (which includes us).
 The word Bhagavatha as it means someone related to Bhagavadh(GOD), should
 answer all our questions in this respect. Practically, logically thinking
 our sastras never say anything that is impossible or devoid of humane
 nature. They only explain the different variances a human being can endure
 depending upon his capabilities and position. Let us enjoy and make others
 enjoy by using material benefits to the extent we should, in the way we
 should. Any extremity be it materialistic or not  will generate immense
 ego in the individual who pursues such life. 
 P.S: Actually speaking materialism is a quality of GOD that says: "YOU
 CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT ME".  I am not kidding here.