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Periya Thirumozhi 4.4- Kutti KaNNan is the Lord of ThiruttheRRiyambalam!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Jul 08 1999 - 02:03:08 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thirumangai mannan, in his 4.4 of Periya Thirumozhi blesses us with his 
sweet ten pAsurams on Thirunaangoor ThurteRRiyambalam Divya Desam. AzhwAr 
says : He stands there only for enslaving us. Let us enjoy:

1. The Lord who took His avtaar so as to let the crowns of DuryOdhanaadhis, 
their valour, their self respect, their wives’ mangaLa soothram 
(Thirumaangalyam), Vasudevar’s (His father) hand clasps, etc.. drop on the 
ground; - who saved the elephant GajEndran,
KaNNan, is the Red Lotus eyed Lord of ThirutheRRoyambalam Divya Desam, where 
The betel nut trees rain white pearls from them on the fertile fields 
underneath, and where large lotus flowers with number of petals, grow to 
enter into the holes of crabs.

2. The cruel, cunning, demon Poothanai, took a beautiful form like YashOdhA, 
(who is feminine and wears golden bangles in her long hands), and when this 
raakshasi took her breast out of her “kacchu” (blouse?), and fed the infant 
Kutti KaNNan with a false pretension of affection and kindness. The Greatest 
Lord KaNNan, as an infant, joyously sucked the poisonous breast milk of 
Poothanai along with her
life itself. This little KaNNan, is the Red Lotus eyed Lord of 
ThiruttheRRiyambalam, where the anklets worn at the small tender feet of 
large eyed girls, make musical sounds and where the beautiful feathered bees 
hum with charming music roam on the flowers,
and these sounds are like that of small infant’s babbling.

3. The Kutti KaNNan, as young Boy of Aayar kulam, entered through little 
holes for eating the just churned butter (which is so fresh and warm), and 
pulled the sari end of those long eyed cowherd women, which made them giggle 
and happy. Such Greatest Parama Sowlabhyan, SarvEshwaran who roamed in the 
streets of the entire idaicchEri,
Is the Red Lotus eyed Lord of ThiruttheRRiyambalam, where the tall coconut 
trees drop their fruits that erode the banks of the river whose waters bring 
along the mango fruits
gathered on the way.

4. For getting the most beautiful feminine Nappinnai PiraaTTi, KaNNan, 
fought against the most strong legged, angry, bulls with curved horns, and 
killed them effortlessly and married Nappinnai. Such dark hued, Lord of 
cloud colour, is the Red Lotus
eyed Lord of ThiruttheRRiyambalam, which is full of large buildings 
impregnated with gems, and emerald stones, and where the most fragrant 
filled breeze makes the moon not willing to cross and go away from this 

5. The Most Beautiful, most compassionate, Periya PiraaTTi, (who has 
lustrous white pearl like white teeth)’s bright pearl necklace and jewel 
bedecked KaNdigai, that are worn on Her breasts, and similarly the ornaments 
of Nappinaai PiraTTi’s – they all gently rub the most strongest broad Divine 
Chest of Emperumaan, and due to which His beauty does not change and gets 
further glorified, - Such Emperumaan has mountain like huge shoulders. This 
Lord is the Red Lotus Eyed Lord of ThiruttheRRiyambalam, where the
young, sweet, soft spoken women, with their bow like large beautiful eyes, 
arrest their men’s hearts and where the streets are full of tall, dense 
buildings are seen.

6. About Chakravarthi Thirumagan, Sri Raman, “Thinking He is like me, being 
a king, (like yet another king (Kshathriyan)), he has come to fight against 
me” roared rAvaNan. Like that the egoistic rAkshasa king of demons, had no 
fear. His ten heads and twenty hands were simply cut off simultaneously by 
Lord Ramam. Such unparalleled Lord- SarvEshwaran, is the Red Lotus Eyed Lord 
of ThiruttheRRiyambalam, where deer like women, have beautiful green parrots 
in their hands and teach them.

7. In the most exquisitely beautiful short Brahmachari form with the 
pooNool, and with the little deer skin (tied to the pooNool), on His Divine 
ThirumEni, walked gloriously into the yaagham performed by Bhali, and as if 
He needs them, asked for three measures of the earth. This unparalleled Lord 
is the Red Lotus Eyed Lord of
ThiruttheRRiyambalam., where the clear river waters carry with them, the red 
colour of kumkumam / sandal that was smeared on the breasts of women (who 
had come to take bath).

8. The thaNdai (anklet) tied at the legs of Lord Varaahamoorthy, making 
jingling sounds with His movements- Like a huge Meru mountain, He lifted the 
Earth on His tusks and hugged BhUmi PiraaTTi. (That’s when Varaha Charama 
slOkam was born-in that ecstasy of Emperumaan- Thanks to most compassionate 
BhUmi PiraaTTi and most merciful Emperumaan .) This Varaaha moorthy is the 
Red Lotus Eyed Lord of ThiruttheRRiyambalam, where the Vedic hymns can be 
heard in all eight directions.

9. Saptha (Seven) dweepams, the tall mountains, like that all eight 
directions, all places, all worlds, were all found to be deeply submerged in 
great oceans- Emperumaan immediately retained the whole Universe in it 
stomach for protecting the same. Such Greatest Most merciful Emperumaan is 
the Red Lotus Eyed Lord of ThiruttheRRiyambalam, where Brahmins who have 
learnt all four Vedas live. .

10. This ten pAsuram set of ThirumangaiAzhwAr (the one who has
sharp spear in his hand) is on the Red Lotus Eyed Lord of
ThiruttheRRiyambalam. Those who learn and read them, will be
praised in this wealthy land, and will be the chiefs in Paramapadhams

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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