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On the nature of Maya and existence

From: Venu Manohar (
Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 15:56:14 PDT


Most of the discussions on the nature of maya subsumes a discussion on
the nature of the samsara. How do the orthodox schools define
'existence', what are its lakshanas; or rather, are there different
definitions and different lakshanas? When the argument comes up if
'maya' exists, what does 'exist' mean, and does it contradict with what
one means by saying the samsara 'exists'? 

I understand some of the premises of vishistadvaitha and advaitha on
this, however I am unsure if what is ontologically  meant by existence
the same. 

An example from the Nyaya Sutras:
"There is no reality in a web seperated from its threads."
However, while the web 'exists', isnt its 'existence' different from
the 'existence' of the thread?

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