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Re: pursuit of wealth
Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 12:25:41 PDT

Namaskaram to Bhagavathas.

	One of the chapters of Swamy Nigamantha Maha Desikan's Rahastraya
Sara deals with the aspect of material longings of a 
prapanna . I am open to corrections here, it is the AparAdhAdhikAram. Swamy
Desikan mentions here that prapatti can be performed for preventing a
prapanna from getting indulged in any activity that could result in either a
puNya or a pApam. I feel this should also be an important part of our six
fold prapatti to Sriyapathi NArAyaNan. I also feel that one should
constantly perform prapatti for His grace to help himself not get indulged
in more prAkritik (material) fruits. 

	I would appreciate the knowledgable BhAgavathAs to add to what Swamy
Desikan says in this context.

         This is my personal (may or may not be objective) thought to our
running behind money. The principle of making good enough money for the
family, children, home etc. has been over-emphasized. I strongly feel, we
should draw a line somewhere. We should lay a lot more emphasis on shAstric
education rather than non-shastric learnings. We should earn just enough for
our food, clothing and health. Basic education for children is important but
can be done at home. I have seen many homes, in Bangalore, that have kids
totally dedicated to the shAstrAs. They are also taught enough to earn money
for a living. I feel this is a very important way of reviving and retaining
our SampradAya and we are all accountable for our sampradAya.

SrimathE VEdAntha RAmAnuja mahA DEsikAya nama:
Keshavan Kadambi.