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Re : pursuit of wealth

From: Anantha Krishna (
Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 16:24:30 PDT

Mani's question :
>Here's the bottom line question: is a detached, unmaterialistic
>life religiously necessary? Is it possible? If so, how does one
>go about it? To what extent should one pursue wealth, if one
>is truly desirous of liberation?

It is clear that our karmas bind us into this life(s) and to overcome this 
karma we have to surrender to HIM through HIS grace to get HIS grace. We are 
here to get rid of this bondage and also avoid actions which can cause this 
bondage again. Surrendering is an act of a soul and the result is HIS grace. 
After we completely surrender, our actions must be such that it will not 
result in accumulating more karmas which can result in another bondage. 
Having done this surrendering act of the soul and realizing what can cause 
accumulation of karma (bondage), accepting wealth worth your actions is not 
a sin. You are not involved in an act which accumulates karma if this wealth 
earned is worth your actions. There is no wrong in earning more if your 
actions are worth the wealth you get and these actions do not involve in any 
act which may be a cause for bondage. By this you know what you deserve and 
also have your soul focused on achieving its ultimate goal through HIS 
grace. The soul should never get involved in the actions of acquiring wealth 
but should just act as a police avoiding actions which can cause bondage. 
This controlled actions of the body to acquire the wealth it deserves, 
should not distract the soul from its crave for HIS grace which is what 
causes misery and distress.


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