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Stotraratna contd.

From: sriram suresh (
Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 01:12:52 PDT

Respected members,
                 The slokhas 41 to 44 of yaamuna's stotraratnam is as 

Slokhas 41 and 42 further introduces eternal souls like vainatheya and
vishvaksenar with their modes of service to our lord and the uniqueness of 
these nityas as a result of close contact(saamipya).

Slokha 43 brings out the supreme qualities of other nityas and muktatmas in 
their pure state devoid of egoism and material infatuations etc. and therby 
glorifying the lord as his unique attributes.This slokha also highlights the 
reality of the jiva as a sesha to the lord, who is the seshi and the 
enjoyment of the jiva in complete service of the lord in saamipya(being 
aware or being near to lord naraayana).

In Slokha 44, Yaamuna gives us a glimpse of the unique and incomparable 
relationship between the divya dampathis.

slokha 41:-

Daasah sakhaa vaahanam aasanam dhvajo
yas te vitaanam vyajanam trayii-mayah;
upasthitam tena puro garutmataa

Having at hand for your service garutman who is your servant,
friend,vehicle,seat,banner,canopy and fan, and whose form is made up
of the three vedas, and who is beautiful with the scar-sign due to the 
contact of your feet.

slokha 42 :-

tvaya nisrt'aatma-bharena yad yathaa;
priyena senaapatinaa nyavedi tat
tathaa'nujaanantam udaara-viksanaih.

who approves with noble glance whatever communication is brought to
you by your beloved chief of hosts(vishvaksena),who partakes of the
remnants of your food,and on whom has been bestowed the charge(of
your sovereignty).

slokha 43 :-

Hat'aakhila-klesa-malaih svabhaavatah
tvad-aanukuuly'aika-rasaih tav'ocitaih;
grhita tat-tat paricaara saadhanaih
nisevyamaanam sacivaih yath'ocitam.

Who is served by the eternal ones suited to you on account of their
possessing the attributes of omniscience etc,the eternal ones,who are
free from all the impurities of afflictions(such as nescience,egoism 
etc),whose sole delight consists in being spontaneously devoted to your 
service,and who constantly wait upon you with appropriate service.

slokha 44 :-

prabaddhayaa mugdha-vidagdha-liilayaa;
ksan'aanuvat ksipta-paraadi-kaalayaa
praharsayantam mahisim mahaa-bhujam.

Who,of long arms,exhilarates your queen(Sri) with lovely and skillful
sports which consists of diverse new sentiments and emotions,and which
make time measured as eons and so forth appear as a fraction of second.

sri krishnaarpanamasthu.


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