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pursuit of wealth

From: Madhavan Sridharan (
Date: Mon Jul 05 1999 - 08:02:11 PDT

     Dear Bhagavatas
     My thoughts on the subject raised by Sriman Mani.
     This is quote from Thirukurral, a popular work which goes as follows
     Oorni neer nerith atrae
     oolagavam periarivalan thiru
     (pardon me for this curde write-up) the essence which means the wealth 
     possessed by a noble man is equated to a pond which is filled water. Such a 
     pond attracts lot of birds and animals and quences the thirst of many a 
     living beings. Similarly the noble man utilizes his wealth for the benefit 
     of the society.
     In my humble view, one should not be greedy to amass wealth. If one can 
     still earn some money through his own work without breaking any ethos it is 
     welcome. In the end of the day, we need money for everything, and i feel we 
     should not look into this as material pursuit. 
     In this regard I whole heartedly welcome Sriman Madhavakannan's suggestion 
     is earmarking a percentage for such kainkariams.