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Re: Some facts and solutions

From: Kazhiyur Mannar Narayanan (
Date: Mon Jul 05 1999 - 01:24:26 PDT

Sri Satyam Wrote,,
>3. Reading divine books and Divine Mantras are good only if you say them
>from your heart knowing the meaning of it. Chanting the Mantra with
>worries in the mind only has adverse effect. So simple and best way to
>pray is through Meditation. It is not something difficult.

Dear Friends,

I am replying to the above post after a long time.

The above post of Mr.Satyam was to a question of why men suffer?
He has touched upon the topic of chanting of mantras.

Atleast in our sampradayam, our poorvacharyas have told us how one should 
chant Holy Thirumantram.

If we refer to MooMukshapadi Of SriPillai Lokacharyar, in the 
Thirumantraprakaranam in the verse4 , he says that

"As this thriumantram bestows benefits for the seekeer, we should evince 
interest first, then We should have premai on the LOrd who is the subject of 
this Mantram, ie, SriMan NArayanan,
and of course, while chanting, you should also remember the Acharyan with 
gratitude who has taught us this Thirumantram "

i request the members to read the originol verse. it is simply great.
not just this verse, whole work of moomukshapadi is excellent .

i am really fascinated by the meanings and  mind conditionings our acharyas 
have done to us. MooMukshapadi, especially is a work which i ever think of 
whenever i have personal problem.

While our Rishis and Alwars gave us enough bakthi, it is only our acharyas 
who worked to intrepret it right and give us a sort of mind conditioning for 
happiness in the current world and moksham in Our God's Abode.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan


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