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stotraratnam continued.

From: sriram suresh (
Date: Sun Jul 04 1999 - 08:09:36 PDT

Respected members,
  Excuse me for the short break i have taken.The slokhas 33 to 40 in 
yamunaa's stotraratna has the following as its essence :-

1.The Description of the Divine form of lord Naarayana in absolute and 
relative terms i.e The form in some slokhas is directly outlined and praised 
and in some slokhas reference is made to the form thro' similies like 
blooming lotus, the moon and thro' mother Lakshmi herself.
2.An introduction to Lakshmi and her transcendental qualities befitting our 
Lord and an reference to Vaikunta itself thro' Sri Adisesha along with his 
mode of service to the lord.

Slokha 33 :-

Cakaasatam jyaa-kina-karkasaih subhaih

Who shines with four auspicious arms which reach the knees, and have the 
rough scars of the bow-string,and which speak of their contact with the 
crest-lily, the ear-ornament and the loose curls of the braid of your 

Slokha 34:-

mukha-sriyaa nyak-krta-puurna-nirmala-

Whose conch like neck is adorned with curls of hair and ear-rings hanging 
over the high and large shoulders, and by the lustrous beauty of whose face 
the brilliant splendour of the spotless moon and the blooming lotus are put 
to shame.

Slokha 35:-

savibhrama-bhruulatam ujjval'aadharam;
suci-smitam komala-gandam unnasam

Who has eyes charming like the petals of a fresh and full-blown 
lotus,gracious creeper like brows,shining lips,pleasent smile,soft cheeks, 
prominent nose,and curls hanging upto the forehead.

slokha 36 :-

rathaanga-sankh'aasi gadaaa-dhanur-varaih

who is handsome with a shining diadem,bracelets,garland of 
pearls,necklace,the kaustubha gem,anklets etc,and with 
discus,conch,sword,mace,the excellent bow and a chaplet of beautiful 
fragrant tulasi.

slokha 37 :-

Cakartha yasyaa bhavanam bhujaantaram
tava priyam dhaama yadiya janma-bhuh;
jagat samastam yad apaanga-samsrayam
yad artham ambhodhir amanthya bandhi ca.

Who has made his chest the abode of Sri,whose birthplace is your beloved 
abode, in whose side glance the entire universe takes refuge and for whose 
sake the ocean was churned and causewayed.

Slokhas 38 to 40 :-

Sva vaisva-ruupyena sad'aanubhuutayaa
apy'apuuravad vismayam aadadhaanayaa;
gunena ruupena vilaasa-cestitaih
sadaa tava'aiv'ocitayaa tava sriyaa.

Tayaa sahaasiinam ananta-bhogini

saira-bhedaih tava sesataam gataih
yatho' citam sesa it'iitrite janaih.

Who is seated with that Sri,who by her attributes,beauty,agreeable sports 
and merciful deeds is ever a match for you and you alone,and who creates 
unprecedented delight for you(as one seperate) though she is eternally 
comprehended in your cosmic form on the great serpent Ananta who is the sole 
seat of excellent knowledge and strength, within the divine 
abode(Vaikuntha)the inside of which is illumined by the circle of rays 
emanating from the clustered gems of his hoods,and who is aptly designated 
by devotees as sesha on account of the different forms he has assumed for 
serving you such as residence,couch,seat,sandals,raiments,pillow and shelter 
from sun and rain.

Sri krishnaarpanamasthu


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