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RE: Pursuit of wealth

From: Jagan Mohan R. Naidu (
Date: Sun Jul 04 1999 - 04:01:03 PDT


Blessed Bhagavathas,
Although am not a learned bhakta, I would like to express some of my own
I have been given to understand that Artha, Kama and Dharma are the
legitimate immediate goals of a householder's life (although Moksha is the
Thus, Artha or acquiring of wealth is one part of Household life. - Please

-----Worry of Money-----

SriLakshmi, who is always besides Narayana will always be there where his
glories are being sung. Prapatti also means surrendering of the worries of
both material and spiritual nature  to Sriman.
How can Lakshmi abandon those who are the dearest to her pathi?
therefore worries about money by itself is a great sin or violation of the
spirit of surrendering.
When you worry about the well-being of your family, your future, you are
depriving yourself of God's grace towards his baktha. When you give up all
worries to God, He will take care of them. So why worry??

Work as you had always. Spend as much as you can on Vaishnava works.
and surrender your worries of finance to Sriman.

I am personally a poor student and I have a lot of requirements that I
cannot fulfil from the money that my parents provide (for e.g. the internet
access). Without exaggeration, I would like to express that whenever I
require money, It comes to me in form of somebody needing help for which
they are too pleased to give me some money. I have never or will never worry
for money! This is a wish and a prayer I make to God that I should never
ever feel the need for running after money that I never need.

Jagan Mohan- Ramanujadasan.