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From: Lakshmi Ramaswamy (
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 02:25:23 PDT

   Sreemathe  Ramanujaya Nama:


  senior lawyer practising in the high court of chennai
[MADRAS], India for the past 42 years. passed M.A
[vaishnavism] from the university of madras recently
and is to do ph.D in vaishnavism shortly.

  contributed tamil articles like "NOOLATTI" [Mahalakshmi]           
"ullurai" [Inner self Anderyami], "PREETHIYAI THULIR
EZUPPA" [Awakening of Affection] in the popular monthly
journal "THIRUMAL".

  Disciple of Sholinger Doddachar Swamy [sri k.k.c
vedandarchar swamy].
  learnt "Rahasyas" from Kumaravadi sri s.Ramanujachari
swamy [editor thirumal] 

  Delivering lectures on vaishnavism in English and 

  Director "Thiruvoimozi Sinthanai vattam.

  Wife Mrs Lakshmi Ramaswamy, active companion in all
the above. Besides, she is also a member of "Mambalam
Kodai Group" singing Divya Prabhanda Pasurams in temples,
sabhas, All India Radio, Doordarshan Chennai Etc.          
                Dasan Ramaswamy.
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