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RE: Pursuit of wealth

From: Ranganathan, Sriram (
Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 10:51:59 PDT

First Union Capital Markets Corp.

Dear Members,

This is one subject that I am sure all us - regardless of our social,
economic, national and religious background, ponder about many a times at
different points in our daily grind.   It had and it does happen to me and
as we see the responses coming in, we will be assured we aren't alone. Most
often we convince and justify ourselves to carry on but only to revisit, at
the slightest rub to our emotions.

That perhaps is an indication that indeed this (our decision to continue the
pursuit)  may not be the right choice. Then again, do we really have an
alternative? And as Sri. Mani rightly asked, should we seek one at all ? And
as Sri. Venkat and Sri. Madhavakannan pointed out, can we make amends to
make this a more "worthy" pursuit. Just about like any other subject, we all
have our own unique opinions, so here is mine. And I am sure, we all know
this !  So what's new and why should I post it ? Well..  Sri. Mani's query
has given me a sense of courage to express my thoughts in the forum and
thereby give myself a chance to refine them.
My take is, the answer lies in our belief that we need His grace for
everything. Now, this is not just an oversimplification for justifying the
pursuit. A much closer introspection is necessary. To come out of this never
ending cycle of material pursuit, we have to do our part and leave the
remaining to His will, with a strong faith, nay, conviction, that He will
rescue us. 

Be it through our scriptures, or in front of our very eyes, we have heard
and seen Sriman Narayana giving a chance to each one of us, in this very
life, to escape from this samsara "jvAlA-valee". More than the opportunity,
the intuition to recognize and seize it, is what that makes the difference.
And all of us will not get that "vairagyam", but just that "qualified" few
at the right time.

And who gets this ? Only those that spend their time thinking about Him,
doing kaimkaryams.
And how we do this ? By placing ourselves strategically so that we get to do
that as often as we can, thus increasing our chances of gaining the
anugraham of the divine couple.

Would that mean we quit our jobs, and go seek refuge in the sanctum
sanctorum of our temples? Yes. But what about our home...... Well, then that
means we haven't got our chance yet.. so keep aspiring for that day when we
can say, "Okay. This is it.. I am ready for You!" 

I just happened to read Sri. Murali Kadambi's posting, telling the above in
a much better way with quotes from Gita. I am still learning, so mine is
more of a lay-man's style as opposed to a learned Sri Vaishnava.... 

May be we all have a consensus here, as to which is the best approach.
Perhaps this gives that little sense of temporary relief and justification
to carry on our pursuit for some more time......... 

Sriram Ranganathan