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Re: Pursuit of wealth

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 22:43:58 PDT


Dear Sri Mani,

Have you read my mind? How is that so nicely reflecting what has
been going on in my mind!

Money- It is also called Lakshmi.. No doubt, Swami Desikan, Sri Ramanuja et 
al, didn't care a damn about the pursuit of wealth. Their pursuit was ONLY 
ONE. We wish to have the cake and eat it too.

Do we think that Swami Desikan would have been admired by his in-laws
for his turning down of VidyaraNyar's offer?
(I frankly don't think so.) People have been just the same, since the
beginning. Only AcAhrays had the VairAgyam to stay away.

Brahmins had to go only for Bikshai. (incl Gruhasthas). Even if they get 
more than a day's quota of rice, they offer to others (athithees). Next 
day,they start from zero again. Swami did not bother how to settle his son 
Nainacharyar..or worry as to who will look after his wife after his death, 
or to save for his retirement period.

But, we are not like that., as nicely put forth by you. I liked the way you 
said, that the AchAryas (prakritham AchAryas) too need money for their 
functioning / works for our upliftment and for future generations.

BUT, you know, Mani, Sri Ahobila Mutt, I read somewhere, had donated
money (about 2 lakhs?) when Andhra pradesh was badly hit by floods;
His Holiness did not check if the victim was a muslim, or a hindu.. a male 
or a female, a brahmin or a non- brahmin. He immeditaley GAVE.
That brought tears in my eyes. That's the attitude of a Srivaishnava.
(Sri Ramanuja says: If someone sees the suffering of others, and feels 
"aiyO!" that is the quality of Srivaishnavan.)

We are running amuck after material pursuits.. for retirement, for
next generation, for family, for education of children, etc.. etc.. BUT, 
Mani, Can we not allocate about 5 % of monthly salary towards any of 
When we wish to allocate, all other expenses come to our mind.. (I am just 
thinking loud...). If only we allocate that and positively donate, to 
AchAryAs and their works, I guess Sri Venkat's BEAUTIFUL Tamil poem will be 
taken care of.

IF we decide and convince ourselves that we are earning only for donating 5 
percent of (or ten percent of) our income towards temples and/or AchAryAs, 
and also continuously contribute... I think, it is not such an evil to earn 
and seek wealth. Let us make a small beginning and increase the percentage 
for such kaimkaryams.(Kooratthaazhwaan was quite wealthy; He let everything 
and joined Ramanuja.. He dinot bother as to how his two sons will stelle 
themselves in life.. In fact, when his wife cmae to him and reminded him of 
their sons' marriageable ages, he said "go and tell that to Varadhan. It is 
His duty..- I wish we had got such an attitude.)

My two cents worth.


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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