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Re Pursuit of wealth

From: venkat (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 22:22:27 PDT

   "Shree Bhoomi Neela Sametha ShreeLakshmiNrusimha Parabramanaeya Namaha"

Dear Mani,

>>is a detached, unmaterialistic
life religiously necessary? Is it possible? If so, how does one
go about it? To what extent should one pursue wealth, if one
is truly desirous of liberation?
I invite thoughtful responses from all members, including
those outside the sampradAya.

Will you kindly accept this as an answer for the thought provoking question 
raised by you in your last posting??

Ivvidathil Vuyir ketpaen
Vunnay ingu dharsipadharkku
Voon ketpaen 
Nee kandu arula seyvadharkku
Porul ketpaen
Nooru aarayaum vanaguvadhrkku
melum porul ketpaen
adiyaarukku vazhanguvadharkku
Nalla nilam ketpaen
aangor nal maanayum kepane
nee angu vuraivadharkku
nal vudlaum ketpaane
vunnay aaradhipadharkku

I guess "Vairaagyam" has to be slowly built and it cannot happen all of a sudden 

For whatever so called miseries in life is owing to the fact that we dont follow 
our "Swadharma" ...

But in "Kali yuga" is it possible???

You do need money to survive...

dhaasanu dhaasan
Venkataraghava dhaasan