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KumbakOnam & ArAvamudan

From: sudarshan madabushi (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 12:14:06 PDT

Dear list-members,

After Sriman Rengarajan's very interesting series on ArAvamudan, we can now 
all eagerly look forward to SrimAn Sadagopan's and Sriman Rangaswamy's 
forthcoming series on another KumbakOnam subject.

I have read somewhere the following verse on KumbakOnam but do not know who 
penned it. I am sharing it below with the list members in the hope that 
someone would perhaps have some information on its parentage :

"anya-kshetrE krtam pApam punya-kshetrE vinasyati
punya-kshtetrE krtam pApam VaranAsyam vinasyati
VAranAsyAm krtam pApam KumbakOnE vinasyati
KumbakOne krtam pApam kumbakOnE vinasyati."

"You can sin anywhere and wash it away in a holy spot
You can sin in a holy spot and wash it away in Varanasi
You can sin in Varanasi and wash it away in Kumbakonam
But if you sin in Kumbakonam, well (my friend!)...
You can wash it away only in Kumbakonam!"

Who sang this great glory of Kumbakonam? Will some Kumbakonam-vasi please 

adiyEn dAsan,

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