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Periya Thirumozhi 4.3- adiyEn kaNdu koNdu allal theerndhEnE..

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 01:50:53 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

SarvEshwaran- BhOgya bhOgOpakaraNa bhOgasthaanuroopan avan..
He is the jnAna, Anandha roopan. He, only for showering His grace
on His devotees, shows Himself along with His Divine Consorts, at
SemponseykOil AzhwAr enjoys his seeing this Lord at this sthalam and
is excited that he is blessed to have had His darshan here.

SemponseykOil: 5 km from Seergazhi, in Thirunaangoor.

Moolavar: PeraruLaaLan, ninRa ThirukkOlam (Standing posture, facing east)
Uthsavar: Semponnarangar. (Hemarangar)
Thaayaar: Alli maamalar Naachhiyaar;

Prathyaksham to Rudhran.

(After rAvaNa vadham, Sri Rama stayed at DhrudanEthramuni’s Ashramam,
and as per his advcie, offered a cow (made of Gold) to a brahmin (for 
crossing the ocean? Or for killing rAvaNan?) and that Brahmin built this 
temple using the cow (made of Gold); hence it is called Sem pon sey kOil, 
(the temple made of reddish Gold). Sivan, for his Brahmahartthi dhOsham, 
performed asvamEdha yaagham and
during PoorNaahudhi, SarvEsharan, along with His PiraaTTis, showed Himself 
to Sivan and as per his prayers, the Lord stays in eleven forms permanently 
for the sake of us.. Due to this, on the next night after Amavasya (New 
moon) in Thai maasam,  all eleven Divya Desam PerumALs (on 11 Garudas), show 
Themselves together. IT IS DIVINE FEAST TO THE EYES.. All 11 Divya Desams of 
Thirunaangoor, were (it appears) made for Rudhran’s prayers. Once, a brahmin 
boy by name Mukundan, son of Kaashyapan, came here due to his father’s
(and his family’s) tremendous poverty , and did Ashtaakshara japam for
32,000 times to be blessed by PerumAL with lots of wealth..)

1. “kaaraNi mEgam ninRadhu oppaanaik kaNdu koNdu uyndhozhindhEn”
People all over the world come on groups and gather here to pay their
obeisance; such Greatest Lord is most merciful and showers His grace
here; He is like the dark rainy clouds (showering everywhere); My
dear Swami; The One who has Periya PiraaTTi and BhUmi PiraaTTi
on His sides; At this sthalam of SemponseykOil, in the middle
of Thirunaangoor, I have been blessed to have the darshan of this
greatest Emperumaan and been saved…

2. (Here AzhwAr is ecstatic about the Lord’s Most wonderful nature)
“piRappodu moopponRillavan; maRaip perum poruL; vaanavar kOn;
..kaNdu naan vaazhndhozhindhEnE..”( adadaaaa.. enna azhaghu)
This Emperumaan has got no births; deaths; He is the Ocean of
ParipoorNa absolute bliss that never changes at any time;
He lives at all times- be it past, present and future; He is the
Swettest like that of the essence of seven swaras; He is praised
Great by the Vedas; He is the Chief of Nithyasooris; -I have been
blessed to have seen Him at this sthalam of SemponseykOil in the
Midst of Thirunnangoor and have made my living...
3. (He exists everywhere; antharbahithschathassarvam vyaapya 
:kadal niRa vaNNanRannai naan adiyEn kaNdukoNdu uyndhozhindhEnE”
The solid space, the fire, water, the moon, the sun, the beings on this 
earth, the non beings that spread everywhere, - in all of these, He exists 
as the antharyaami (the indweller); the blue ocean coloured Lord; - Sarva 
swamin; my Swami;  (akila jagadh Swamin; asmin Swamin) – I am blessed to 
have seen such Greatest SarvEshwaran at this sthalam of SemponseykOil, where 
Brahmins, in  the likes of Brahma live.

4. “vasaiaRu kuRaLaay maavali vELviyil maNNaLavittavanRannai
.. uyarmaNi magudam choodi ninRaanaik kaNdu koNdu
uyndhozhindhEnE..” Without showing any fault in His form, He appeared as a 
small dwarf like boy, Vaamanan and measured the universe during the yaagham 
of Bhali’s; the Lord, who reclines on ThiruppaRkadal, and
is praised and prostrated at His Lotus feet by the unwavering
and unflickering minded Nithyasooris; the Lord, who has the most
lustrous shining Crown (full of emerald);- I am blessed to have
seen Him and been saved at this sthalam of SemponseykOil, where people
like Brahma live.

5. “kaamanai payanRaanthannai naan adiyEn kaNdu koNdu
uyndhozhindhEnE..” Chakravartthi Thirumagan, Sri Raman,
the One who showers His grace most mercifully with motherly
affection, to those who come to Him, with no other refuge or
alternative, praising “Oh Lord, the One who destroyed the
cruel, fire-like minded asurAs!”. – Such Most compassionate
Lord, stays here at this sthalam which is full of honey dripping
flowers and gardens. I am blessed to have seen Him and been saved
at this sthalam of SemponseykOil.

6. (AzhwAr continues to enjoy Sri Rama..) “alli malaraaL thannodu
adiyEn kaNdu koNdu allal theerndhEnE..” Sri Raman built
the bridge across the vast deep ocean, using huge mountain
rocks.. ; Then He aimed the unparalleled, unmatched arrows at
lankA, that is surrounded by tall ramparts on top of the huge
mountains, sending shivers and chills through the spines of
rAkshasaas there. – I am blessed to have seen such Greatest
Emperumaan along with His Divine Consort Periya PiraaTTi,
seated on Lotus flower and been saved of my grievances and sins/sorrows at 
this sthalam of SemponseykOil, where Brahmins who know all four Vedas, and 
are of great(spiritual) wealth reside.

7. “anjank kuNram ninRadhu oppaanaik kaNdu koNdu
allal theernahdEnE..” The angry Kuvalayaapeetam
elephant, the bow (that was aimed to kill Him) and the
wrestlers (ChaNooran, Mushtikan), were all simply destroyed
by Emperumaan KaNNan; the Lord, who angered on Kamsan
and finished him off, the Most Youthful Lord, the blue cloud
coloured Lord, the One who stands firm and solid like the
anjana mountain, - I am blessed to have seen Him and been
saved at this sthalam of SemponseykOil, where sweet (hitha
bhaashis) soft spoken people reside.

8. Emperumaan, who had cut the 1000 shoulders of VaaNan,
with His ChakrAyudham, who stands on the mountain of Thirumala,
who is praised and is the essence of all Vedas, like the lamp
shedding light everywhere, who stands firm and solid, where His
devotees enjoy seeing His Divine Beauty and where He continues
to stay at all times for them; - Such most glorious SarvEshwaran,
I am blessed to have seen Him at this sthlam of SemponseykOil
and been saved..

9. “kaLankanivaNNA! KaNNanE! enRan kaarmugilE! yena
ninaindhittu/ uLankanindhirukkum adiyavar thangaL
uLLatthu ooRiya thEnai/ ..vaLankoL pErinbham manni
ninRaanai vaNaghi naan vaazhtthozhindhEnE..”
“Oh Lord! The One who looks like the “KaLaappazham”.!
KaNNaa! To my eyes’ greatest satisfaction, You show Yourself
in dark cloud hued colour!”- like that, devotees enjoy addressing
Him to their hearts’ content- He stays in the hearts of such great
Bhagawathas and also stays at this sthalam of SemponseykOil
in the same manner (for their satisfaction), where Vedic scholars
and learned ones stay.. I am blessed to have seen Him at this
sthalam and paid my obeisance to Him.

10. This ten is about the Lord of SemponseykOil, lying in the midst
of Thirunaangoor and is sung by Thirumangaimannan, about his
having seen Him and been saved. Those who read these ten,
will become great kings and bring the whole earth under one
umbrella (Srivaishnava umbrella?) and then become like

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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