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Sri KomaLavalli SamEtha Sri AarAvamudhan's SamprOkshaNa Uthsavam : Part 3 --MaadhyAnhika SandhyA vandhanam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 19:29:39 PDT

Dear BhakthAs : It is now Ucchik Kaalam at Thirukkudanthai. 
Sri KurEsar arrives in front of Sri KOmalavalli ThAyAr and
salutes : "(Saa ) Sri: Svasthi dhisadhAth ( may that Periya
PirAtti of Sri AarAvamudhan conder on us all auspiciousness )!".
He explains as to who that Sri Devi (KomaLavalli ) is:

"yasyA Veekshya Mukham Tadhingitha 
 ParAdhInO vidhatthE akhilam "

Here KooratthAzhwAn points out that the Lord 
follows the signs given by the brow of MahA LakshmI
and follows accordingly(ingitham therinthu athaip pOl
nadakkirAr ) to perform His various duties such 
as Creation of the world and its protection .
Such is the power of Sri KomaLavalli over Her Lord .

KoorEsar recognizes our ThAyAr as " sakala Loka JananI "
and prays to be the object of the waves of Her side glances
( HeY LakshmI ! thE katAksha Veechi visruthE: 
Lakshyam shyAma :).Next , AzhwAn refers to Her 
as the ocean of KalyANa GuNams ( tvath sadhguNa aRNO nidhou)
and states that those GuNams are beyond the access of 
manas and Vaak ( mind and speech ).

The power of Her glances are next saluted by KurEsar.
He says that even the Lord of the universe , who is
His own Lord considers Himself blessed , when her 
nectarine glances fall on Him ( JagannAtha: AathmEsvara: 
NaarAyaNOpi tava EEkshaNAth svAthmAnam DHANYAM MANYATHE ).

KurEsar recognizes next that anything rich , beautiful ,
auspicious are all under Her control ( Yath Isvaryam 
Soundharya laavaNyayO; yadhitham roopam , lOkE yaccha 
hi MangaLam , Yath kimapi sath ithi uchyathE , Tath 
sarvam Yath tvadhInamEva ). Now , KurEsar makes a 
unique statement : Oh Supreme One ! MahA LakshmI !
Even Your husband does not comprehend the limits
of Your Mahimai. More wonderful than that is the fact
that You Yourself do not know the limits of Your
own greatness ! ".

We will conclude this section on the tributes paid by
KurEsar with his prayer and paraphrase it with a
tribute to Sri KomaLAmbhA :

Yasyaa: KatAksha veekshAkshaNa 
laksham lakshithA mahEsAs shyu:I
Sri KomaLAmbhA saa maamapi
VeekshithAm Lakshmi : II

(meaning ): May Sri KomaLAmbhA , whose auspicious 
glance , when it rests on any one for even a second 
makes them the richest among the rich , rest Her
katAksham on me as well ! 

The Isvaryam that KurEsar asks for is the Isvaryam 
of Kaimkarya Sampath and Kaimkarya Sri in the spirit
of " LakshmaNO Lakshmi Sampanna: ".

ParAsara Bhattar and Sri Devi 

Our KomaLavalli ThAyAr is the paDi ThANDA Pathni .
She is a MahA pathivrthai .She is the SitA of
Thirukkudanthai .

ParAsara Bhattar could have been visualized 
as standing before MahA LakshmI and saluting 
Her adhyAthbhutha Soundharyam as that belonging
to the stage of " Saisava-Yauvana-Vyathikaram "
( an adolescent girl , who is just at the junction of 
childhood and Youth ). This MahA Lakshmi is
revered and saluted by Bhattar as BhagavathI
( ShAtguNya SampUrNai) and as " the treasure-house
of several perfections ".Her KshAnti ( forberance ) ,
AudhAryam ( generosity and magnanimity ) ,
DayA ( compassion/anukampA ) are saluted 
in depth by Bhattar.

The precocious son of KurEsa raised by 
MahA Lakshmi Herself pays special obesciance
to her sacred feet and dayA-laden eyes.
He says that her holy feet have renderd 
the Upanishads fragrant and Her asuspicious 
glances qualify the Lord as PundarIkAkshan ,
which is the LakshaNam of VishNu . By the power 
of the glance of KomaLavalli , Her consort 
attains the supreme state of PundarIkAkshan 
with eyes as large as the lotus ( Tasya yathA 
kapyAsam PunDarIkam evam akshiNi --ChAndhOgya
Upanishad passage  made famous by AchArya RaamAnujA's
correct intrepretation ).

Our KomaLavalli and Her divyAbharaNams 
( kanaka mEkalA , pearl necklaces ,Diamond 
Taadankam/ThOdu, lalAtikam ( jewelery 
on the forehead ) and ankle bells beautify
themselves by association with Her laavaNyam .

When it comes to visualizing Her kalyANa 
GuNAs , Bhattar came up with the name of 
SriguNarathna KOsam or the treasure house
of gem-like qualiites for his sthuthi . Such is 
the Vaibhavam of Sri Komalavalli /Sri RanganAyaki/MahA Lakshmi .
At Thirukkudanthai , MahA lakshmi Manifested Herself 
as Sri KomaLavalli , the divine consort of
Sri AarAvamudhan .Her ParArthyam (subordination 
to her Lord ), Her karuNA , Vaathsalyam to her
children have no match and yet She is a shining
example of SamyukthAsrayaNam ( inseperable 
like the Sun and its listre ). Out of Her infinite 
compassion for Her children ( erring Jeevans ) ,
She acts as a mediator between  the Jeevan and Her 
Husband .Parasara Bhattar concludes the GuNa rathna
kOsam with a powerful statement that " MahA Lakshmi
(KomaLAmbhA/RanganAyaki) is the Mother , Father and 
all that is dear to us and that one can be assured of 
any Isvaryam , when Her grace is assured .".

May Our Mother , the divine consort of Sri AarAvamudhan
bless us all on this special day and confer us the blessings
of growing Kaimkarya Sri and Vinayam .

Sri KomaLavalli Naayikyai nama:
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan