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From: Krishnamachari Gopi (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 09:19:52 PDT

Born in the year 1939, Sri Vaishnava Sri.A.Krishnamachari, had his spiritual 
education under the lotus feet of Sri.U.Ve Velukkudi Varadachariar Swamy and 
Satabhishekam.Sri.U.Ve.Narasimhachariar Swamy of Srirangam.

In order to spread the message of Ramanuja in the nook & Corner of the 
world, a distance education course ,a novel scheme , was designed and 
started in the year 1993. The correspondence course was christened  
SRI-VAISHNAVA-SRI  and it has benefited over  1500 people  through out the 

Sri-Vaishnava-Sri has taken up of printing of rare sampradaya books, which 
could not see the light of the day for the past 100years. The Plans are on 
hand to bring out the all the works of our Acharyas  . As the first step 
towards acheiving this objective, SRI-VAISHNAVA-SRI is proud to announce 
that all the works of PERIYAVACHAN PILLAI will be made available during a 
seminar to be held on AUGUST 6,7 and 8 in chennai at M.M.B.Fund Kalyana 
Mandapam, Irusappa Gramani St, Triplicane, Chennai-5. A book exhibition is 
to be conducted on this occasion wherein all the sampradaya books shall be 
on display.

Papers on "Critical Study" of the works of Periyavachan Pillaii's to be 
presented by eminent scholars like
a.Sri.U.Ve .Velukkudi Krishnan
c.Sri.kalvi Kadal.Gopal Iyer

Sri-Vaishnava-Sri is also bringing out a monthly magazine VENSANGAM edited 
by SriVaishnavaSri.U.Ve.A.Krishnamachariar Swamy, which carries articles on 
Tamil Literature, History of Temples and explanation to Divyaprabanda in a 
totally new style using mathematical concepts.

Annual Subscription            $100    (Exclusive of Postage)
Life Subscription              $1000  (Exclusive of Postage)

Inorder to make available all the works of our Acharyas, a corpus fund of 50 
Lakhs is necessary, the interest to be used to bring out books at regular 
intervals as part of the long range plan .We look forward to Philanthropists 
and others with like thought to contribute liberally towards this fund, 
which is to be managed by scholars of high repute of our sampradaya.

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