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thiru mAlai , some thoughts.. part 4

From: Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 18:20:22 PDT

3.  However, if Lord  empowers  AzhwAr,  AzhwAr says he will carry
out Lord's ANGYAI what ever it may be.  (a degree of  mAhAvisWasam
is explained here as well)

or ie., Else If lord empowers AzhwAr and wishes AzhwAr to clear it
, then  AzhwAr  says that such  ANgYAi or the  command of the Lord
will be executed by this  surrendered  soul faithfully as his duty
or  karthvayam.  the main  emphasis  is that  AzhwAr is firm on his
prathi koolya varjanam.

Will  merciful  Lord ever be pleased or give such an ANGYAI to cut
off those  who  constantly  abuse him or curse him and talk ill of
him ?  It is a different  question and is time or yugam  specific.
Lord  will not ask us the klai  yuga  vaasis  to do such now.  But
nevertheless  Lord  has  "somewhat"  answered  this  HIMself  when
"shishupALan" did so in an other yugam.

Was the civil code same as now in the "then" chOla kingdom ?  were
there capital punishments for civil offense such as defamtion ?  
Well!  choLa king has gouged   Sri   KoorathAzwAr's  eys  for  non  
compliance  to sign a statement  written  by him as per the   King  
it was  only a  civil disobidience  but a horrible  punishment was  
rendered by him for that.

It may be obselete to consider  these verses as  "punishments  for
these  days" and reject them on the basis of such  considerations.
There are  strict  civil  laws in place in each  country for every 
civil vioaltions. This pasuram may not be a  "code of conduct"  in  
black and white "law" for a Srivaishnava to follow in the  present days. 
But this pasuram must be taken in the context as to how  seriously  
a prapanna must follow perumal's thiru uLLam and  how firm he must 
be in prathi koolya varjanam. These two angas of sarnagathi are not
based on time.

No one need to think that  perumAL  will ask a  prapanna  to do so
(cutting ....) these days when they face a situation similar to what 
what AzhwAr faced in his days.

So what we may know  clearly is if perumAL  wishes so, AzhwAr will
do so.  In other words, it was  expressed  earlier that "what ever
pleases Lord Sriman nArAyana it is dharmA. Such must be done by an 
ardent  servant with the propoer guidace of an AchAryA."

thoNdar adi podi AzhwAr thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan