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thiru mAlai , some thoughts.. part 2

From: Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 17:45:56 PDT

part 2

In addition  to the earlier  replies re  emphasising  the
reader to keep in mind the "if"  condition  on "pEsil"  *ie., they
would talk ill of you Oh, Lord), priror to concluding  anything on
AzhwAr,  there is one more "if"  condition  is  presented  in this
pasuram in the  subsequent  line that  people  must know  prior to
criticsing  Azhwar  on par with the  chOlan  king who died  out of
cancer due to the bAgwatha  apachAram he committed to Sri Kooratth
AzhwAr.  It is presentd in Sri Badri's article in a in a wonderful
way but in slight a different perpective, as follows.


Sri PV pillai's vyAkyAnam as trasnlated by Sri Badri:

"kuRippenak kadaiyumaakil" - If one can not take away ones own life
or go away from that place as said before, if one gets the
opportunity to destroy the enemy. "kuRiththal" - To think of doing
an act and getting a chance to execute the act. "koodumEl" - if it
is possible to destroy the enemy - ie., if it is possible to
destroy the enemy without getting destroyed in the process. The
suffix "El" denotes that this job is not very easy.

Here AzhwAr puts 2 other 'if' conditions. ie, If they speak ill of
you and  there  is a BIG  "IF"  for  the  tamil  word  "kuRippenak
kadaiyumaakil".  AzhwAr  makes  this "if", in the  context  of his
sarangathi  at the holy  feet of Lord.  "If" I may be  faced  with 
a situation and "If" I may be blessed with your ANgyAI  and  power 
or in tamil known as "vallamai" or sakthi to destroy such enemity, 
then to do so is my karthavyam or duty, AzhwAr says.

Here AzhwAr  implicitely  explains that he is not  empowered to do
such act as such (in his  present  capabilities)  and that if such
power is confered upon on HIM with the bagwAn  niyamanam,  HE will
execute such thiru uLLam of Lord as his "karmam" or duty.  So many
logical  questions  can be asked here as the language of medium is
English and I am unable to express  completely what AzhwAr implies
here in this medium.  however i will adress a few questions to the
best of my ability to convey.

is it a  figure  speech  or did he  really  intend  to do  such or
advocate to do such ?

adiyEn can infer the following mainly from this pasuram.

1.  AzhwAr  expresses his "mode" of prathi koolya  varajanam.  His
(AzhwAr's) vow of varjanam for  prathikoolyas who talk ill of Lord
Arangan is  expressed  with such a firm  stance.  There is nothing
wrong to say that  "depart  from the company of those who talk ill
of Lord Arangan".

thoNdar adi podi AzhwAr thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan