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Re: Usage of funds

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 06:10:06 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of ThiruveLLUr Divya Dampathis :

On this Aadi SvAthi day sacred to the smaraNam 
and dhyAnam of the 25 th Pattam Azhagiya Singar,
SaapAnugraha Sri VaNN SatakOpa SrinivaAsa Yatheendra
Maha Desikan , it is my privelege to come back to
you and account for the disposition of the Funds that 
thirty of you contributed for the MahA SamprOkshaNa 
Kaimkaryam at ThiruveLLUr . May Sri Kanakavalli SamEtha
Sri VeerarAghavan's and the AchAryAL's blessings be 
with you and your family always.Five of the Azhagiya Singars 
have their BrindhAvanams( Final resting place for their
Bodily remains ) at this Divya Desam .They are the 32nd,33rd,
34th,35th and 42nd Azhagiya Singars . 

Our fund raising had a hectic pace and had only 5 days 
to join in .You all came thru generously .The list of 
the aasthikAs , who joined in this kaimkaryam is provided 
below . Both Sriman K.G. KrishNan (KGK) and myself thank 
every one of you .Special thanks on our behalf goes to
Sriman Dileepan , who received the funds from a Tax deductible
perspective and is forwarding the donated sum to Chennai .
He has spent sizable amount of time amidst his many duties.

It is my pleasure now to brief you on a durable way through
which  the funds generated are going to be used to offer 
our worship at the sacred feet of the divya 
dampathis throughout the year and for years to come . This
tremendous blessing has been made possible by two MahAns :

(1)Sriman KGK Swamy and (2) Srimadh Paramahamsa
ParivrAjaka Sri VaNN SatakOpa NaarAyaNa Yatheendhra
MahA Desikan ( the Current Jeeyar Of Ahobila Mutt)
under whose golden reign , so many great
kaimkaryams are being commissioned in a far-reaching
way to benefit the aasthikaa community . 

Let me say a few words about Sriman KGK Swamy ,
who is from a family of those , devoted to ThiruveLLUr 
Emperumaan and ThAyAr and the Ahobila Matam jeeyars .
He is the father of our dear Sri Anand and 
the son-in-law of Another MahAn born under 
the constellation of Svathi, Sri UtthamUr Swamy.

Sri KGK is always searching for ways to serve 
the divya Dampathis of ThiruveLLUr andn his AchAryAs.
Thanks to a brilliant arrangement spearheaded by him ,
we are able to get multiple dividends (ROI) on the 
contributions that we have made .The creative arrangement
is as follows :

(1) Our donated funds of close to 1.7 Lakhs of rupees 
will be added to another 8.3 Lakhs of Funds collected by
Sri KGK Swamy for the NithyArAdhanam of the Divya Dampathis
at ThiruveLLUr to bring it up to 10 Lakhs .

(2) Our Gracious Azhagiya Singar has kindly agreed to
match those 10 Lakhs to set aside a Trust that will 
yield interst of approximately Rs 8,000/month on a 
recurring basis.

(3) Those funds will be used to provide deha YaathrA 
support for FOUR AdhyApAkAs , who will render Veda-
Divya Prabhandha Kaimkaryam for the Divya Dampathis
DAILY . They will be given free quarters at the Ahobila
Matam at ThiruveLLUr . 

Thanks to the sagacity of Sri KGK Swamy and the generosity
of Azhagiya Singar , the funds donated by you are yielding
a 1170% Return on the investment .The most important aspect 
is that these funds are going to be set aside for the daily
Ubhaya VedAntha Kaimkaryam to the SaraNya Dampathis at 
this ancient KshEthram . I can not think of a greater 
good fortune for the contributions of the devout BhakthAs .
THANK YOU ALL MOST SINCERELY .I request those , who have
not joined so far in such Kaimkaryams to join in .
Here is a list of the thirty contributors to 
the ThiruveLLUr Kaimkaryam for the record:

	Name of Donor           Amount ($)
        **************          **********
1	Anand Jaganathan	50
2	Anand Karalpakkam	20
3	Anand Srinivasan	100
4	C. R. Sriram	        49.44
5	Govindarajan Rengarajan	50
6	Jaganath Bharadwaj	50
7	Jagannatha N Shrikanth	101
8	Kalyani Krishnamachari	50
9	Karthik Srinivasan	25
10	Lakshmi Srinivasan	50
11	Laksminarayanan Narasimhan	50
12	Madhava Kannan	        108
13	Madurai Sriram	        101
14	Mukund Srinivasan	50
15	Murali Rangaswamy	25
16	Muralidhar Rajagopalan	324
17	Nagu Satyan	        51
18	Nathamuni Sriram	51
19	Parthasarati Dileepan	250
20	Raghavan Rajaji	        250
21	Raja Krishnaswamy	54
22	Ramkumar T. Gopalaswamy	1224
23	Saibaba S Sambaraju	51
24	Sampath Rengarajan	108
25	Shashidhar Rajamani	50
26	Srinivas K Tanikella	100
27	Srinivasan Kuthalam	101
28	T. R. Govindarajan	51
29	V. Sadagopan	        60
30	Vishwachand Kolla	525

	Total Thiruvallur = 	$4129.44 (~1.7 Lakhs Rupees)

Now that this Kaimkaryam has been accepted by our 
Divya Dampathis , I need your help NEXT on the most magnificent
kaimkaryam of producing : AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM " 
for reaching out to all the members of Sri Vaishnavite 
Families in India , USA and other countries ( Singapore ,
Europe , Middle East et al ). We have received the following 
six contributions so far for helping AnanthA Research 
foundation and co-sponsors to design and produce this

1.Sriman S.Rengarajan ($108)
2.AdiyEN ($108)
3.Sri Ram Gopalaswamy ($108)
4.Sri I.V.K. Chary of Bahrain ($100)
5.Sri V.Muralidharan ($100)
6.Sri K.Anand ($100 ).

We need $4,000 for the short run to produce 
the extended version of the Demo CD ROM and 10K$ 
More for the final round concluding in December , 1998 . 

There will be two versions of the CD ROM to respect  
EQUALLY the Vadakalai and ThennAchArya SampradhAyams .
I will give you more particulars on these versions
and other details soon . Outstanding Scholars of 
the Anantha Research Foundation of Karnataka are
working with adiyEn to design and deliver these 
two versions in honor of the line of these
revered AchArya paramparais.The proceeds 
from these kaimkaryams are going to support 
additional Kaimkaryams , besides serving as
an Educational tool for propagating the doctrines
of Bahgavadh RaamAnuja SiddhAntham . 

The planned dates for release of the Multimedia
CD ROMs with extensive assembly of the images 
and audio/Video assoicated with AchArya RaamAnujA's
life are :

1.Extended Demo Version for Vada Kalai sampradhAyam
at   the Pomona , NY Meeting to celebrate the 600th
anniversary of founding of the Ahobila Mutt ( Sep5-7,1998).

2.Final Versions of the ThennAcharya and the Vada Kalai
SampradhAyam at the Dallas Conference scheduled for 
Dec 25-27, 1998 .

Please join in and make your pledges to realize 
this pioneering kaimkaryam made possible by 
the Extended Sri VaishNava family .Any amount is
welcome . The more you donate , the quicker it 
would be to gather the funds needed in suport of
the anticipated expenses for the content creation ,
design and delivery against these ambitous desdlines.

May AchArya RaamAnujA , AzhwArs , the AchAryAs
of the two paramparais and the SaraNya Dampathis
bless this specail kaimkaryam to get into the homes
of all Sri VaishNavAs and AbhimAnis of Sri VaishNavism .

Sri RaamAnuja DivyAj~nA vardhathAm , AbhivardhathAm ,

Daasan , Oppilaippan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan