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re: Regarding silk

From: V. Chandrasekaran (
Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 02:39:24 PDT

Dear all,
>Those who oppose the use of silk for bhagavatharadhanai
>on Ahimsa grounds, would they also oppose the use of
>allopathic medicine and treatment, and cosmetic products
>such as after-shave lotion?
>-- Dileepan

  Yes. adiyEn will definitely stand the same ground with 
regard to use of modern medicines, cosmetic pdts., leather
goods etc. As a weak soul I have not so far shunned whole
heartedly the allopathic medicines which I think is my
immaturity. And adiyEn used to avoid milk when in US 
since I came to know that for meeting a Government standard 
on percentage of Vit.D in milk, milk-producers add fish 
products to milk. And adiyEn never use silk.
[ I read in a magazine how badly animals like monkeys, mice
are tortured for the sake of human beauty. Throughout the
world many cosmetics product manufacturers perform various
mind-rending experiments on these innocent creatures. All 
for just the external beauty of the humans. Pathetic state
of affair! ]