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Re: use of silk etc.,

From: V. Chandrasekaran (
Date: Thu Jul 30 1998 - 20:55:39 PDT

 Dear Bhagavathas,
    Sri Mani's and Sri Anbil's responses with regard to the subject 
 "ahimsa, use of silk etc.," were insightful. I would like to lay
 my doubts and thoughts in this mail with regard to this. Bhagavathas
 pls. respond with your opinions and knowledge.
 > Sri Dileepan wrote:
 > spiritual release does not come because of Vegetarianism.  It comes 
 > only through the grace of our sweet lord.
    The original post only meant that non-violence and hence vegetarianism
 is one of the pre-requisites for one's spiritual welfare. It wasn't meant
 that, it alone can lead one to parama padham.
 > Sri Dileepan wrote:
 > "Agni likes meat.  Therefore, the 
 > brahmins kill goats and offer the 
 > meat to Agni.  Those "yaaga pasus" 
 > reach Svargam because they are 
 > killed after having undergone proper 
 > samskaram."
    I have some misgivings regarding how yag~nam leads one to his
 goal. These are some doubts I have. Knowledgeable members please
 show some light: 
    Is not agni an inert component of this prakriti? How can 
 it have likes and dislikes?! What actual philosophy lies behind this 
 presumption that agni likes meat etc.? Isn't it true that sacrifices 
 bring about welfare only out of self-satisfaction. 
 > Sri Dileepan wrote:
 > In summary, please consider the possibility that it is possible
 > for prapannas to use silk for the pleasure our Lord Sriman Narayana.
    In Truth, Sriman Narayana is the Divine Inner Self, in which the 
 `deluded' I endeavour to abide. Then whose pleasure is it?
    About Ahimsa:
    It is said that `ahimsa' not only means non-injury to a physical body 
 born out of `prakriti' but even `not hurting' other's mind. i.e, Even 
 infliction caused to other's mind is considered `himsa' which should be 
    Some ponderings: Please post your opinions/corrections.
    Mind is but a bundle of thoughts which doesn't have its own existence 
 without the Consciousness that illumines all the experiences. So it is 
 the ahamkAra which is at a plane higher in subtlety than mind that gives 
 this impression of `getting inflicted' when someone says something `hurting'. 
 Thoughts being product of ahamkAra a train load of weighty thoughts follow
 sometimes even growing in its weightiness to unhealthy levels.
 When the doership is renounced there should be no infliction felt, upon the
 so-called `us'.