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From: Venkatesh Elayavalli (
Date: Thu Jul 30 1998 - 09:53:55 PDT

attached mail follows:

Dear Members,

I had mentioned in an earlier email that I will try to compile some data about
Tiru Vida Venthai in a separate mail. I have compiled the following to be best
of my abilities (translated from some Tamil texts).

Please pardon me for spelling errors or diminished emphasis on some phrases
due to my limited experience in translations.

Venkatesh Elayavalli.

Thiru Vida Venthai (Present day: thiruvadanthai)

Moolavar - Lakshmi Varaaha Perumal
Utsavar - Nithya Kalyaana Perumal
Thaayaar - Komalavalli Naacciyaar
Theertham - Varaaha theertham, Kalyaana Theertham
Vimaanam - Kalyaana Vimaanam.

Bali and Kaalava Rishi were the two blessed by the Lord at this Divya Desam (DD).

Mangalaasaasanam - by Tirumankai Azvaar (in Periya Tirumozi) and
                                      Sri Manavaala Maamuni

This Divya Desam has two notable history.

The First is as follows:

During kirEthaa yugam a King by the name Meganathan had a heroic Son by
name Bali. During that time Maali, Maalyavaan and Suumaali, Three notable
daemons were at war with the Devas. Bali was approached by the daemons to
fight the devas on their behalf. Bali at one point declined to their request, latter
accepted their request. Consequently, the devas were defeated. However, Bali's
conscience bothered him and so decided to meditate on Tirumal, the Lord of the
Devas, which prolongs for a long time. Lord Vishnu, pleased with Bali's efforts
satisfied Bali's request for Pardon and blessed him in the form of Lord Varaaha
Perumal in the Temple tank (hence the name Varaaha Theertham).

The Second notable event:

Once upon a time there was a Rishi by name Kuni who's daughter was married to
another rishi (Kaalava Rishi). Their marriage was conducted by Lord's Servant
Naarathar and within a year they had 360 daughters. Having realized that this was
possible only by the grace of Lord, Kaalava rishi decided to give all his daughters
in marriage to the Lord. When the 360 daughters grew up to the marriage age,
the rishi was advised by some Vaishnavas to go to Vamakavipuri and obtain the
blessing of Lord Varaaha.

Kaalava Rishi relocated and started his meditation on Lord Varaaha. Lord Narayan,
took the form of a Brahmachari and informed the rishi that he came to the Divya
Desam on Yaathra. The rishi explained his situation and requested the Brahmachari to
give up his brahmachari yaathra by marrying his daughters.

The Brahmachari agreed and married one daughter each day (hence the name
Nitya Kalyaana Perumal). On the last day, while every one was watching,
the Lord (appearing as Varaaha Perumal) merged all 360 daughters
into one Sri and hoisted Her on His left thigh (hence the name Tiru + ida + enthai).
Since Sri on His thigh became the combined form of 360 Kannis, She is known as
Akila valli Naacciyaar.

Other Points of Interest:

1. This DD does not have a Raja Kopuram.

2. It has a 24 leg Mandapam at the entrance.

3. It is located in a beautiful location, surrounded by trees (called Sauk thoppu sp??)
    and facing the Bay of Bengal, on the way to Mamallapuram from Madras.

4. The Village near this DD used to be called Komalavallipuram, now popularly
    known as kovalam (VGP beach). This is where kaalava rishi performed his

5. The Lord's Moolavar form is very unique, with right foot on the World and the
    left foot on AdhiSesha, with the Thaayaar on His left thigh, explaining the
    Carama Slokam.

6. The dot on the Lord's chin (thaadaiyil pottu) is said to have appeared naturally.

7. Temple inscriptions indicate that Raja Raja Cholan, Raja Raja Chola thevan and
    Kulothunga Cholan performed kainkaryam here (So this area might have belonged
    to the Chola empire at one point).

8. Thiru mankai azhvaar has a madam in a different name (kalic cingan)

9. This DD has a pallakku made from Elephent Tusks. There are only two such
    pallakku, the other in Kocchi Maharaaja palace. This might indicate the
    yaathraas undertaken by keralites (Malayaalis) and their kainkaryam for
    Deepa Araathanai (as per inscriptions).

10. Tiru mankai azhvar was the only azhvar to compose paasurams on this DD.

11. Sri Manavaala Maamuni also performed mangalaa saasanam here.

12. It is also said that the Lord took 360 kannikai in 2 kannikai: Komalavalli
      Naacciyaar and Akilavalli Naacciyaar.

13. At present unmarried male and female worshipers, visit this DD to get His
      blessings for a quick and good marriage settlement.

Based on:

1. 108 Vainava Divya Desa VaralaaRu by A. Ethirajan

2. Thondai Naattuth thiruth thalaNGaL by Sri M. A. Venkata Krishnana
    (Geethaa chaaryan).