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nitya-kalyaaNa perumaaL

From: Ram Gopalaswamy (
Date: Wed Jul 29 1998 - 21:27:52 PDT

shrii. shrii bhuuvaraaha parabrahmane namaH

Dear vaishhNavas,

Thanks a million to shrii. V.Sadagopan  for his excellent explanations 
of the shrii. varaaha carama shlokam. 

Thanks a zillion to shrii. varaaha bhagavaan and bhuumi devi for Their
causeless mercy towards fallen souls.

I wonder about the name "nitya-kalyaaNa-perumaaL" used for referring to
the varaaha bhagavaan at the tiruvidavendai divya desham ?

Does "nitya-kalyaaNa" here refer to the eternal auspicious qualities described
by shrii. raamaanujaacarya ?
[ i kind of remember that people worship the deities at tiruvidavendai 
  with (mundane?) conception to be blessed with (worldly?) marriage. ]

Also, would bhaagavata-s please explain meaning of the word, "tiruvidavendai" ?