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On quotes preaching violence
Date: Thu Jul 30 1998 - 08:10:03 PDT

This is with reference to ("uNmai uNarndhOr adipodi") Chandrasekaran's
appeal to Shri Dileepan for restraint in quoting references suggesting
intolerance bordering on violence. ("Is this not preaching intolerance
towards other dharmas and isn't adorning such ideas fundamentalism? What
difference lies here between this doctrine and that of today's islamic

"Satyam vadha" is the Upanishadic advice in Taittiriyopanishad.  Satyam
includes stating facts correctly without embellishments to suit one's
purpose. The practice of truth should ultimately lead to establishment
of dharma  and eradication of adharma; Loka Kalyana and not
personal/sectarian kalyana is the objective. It is towards this end that
the statement "Satyam vadha" has been elaborated upon in an ancient
sanskrit saying:

"Satyam vadha, Hitham vadha, Priyam Vadha."

MK Krishnaswamy