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Re: use of silk.,

From: V. Chandrasekaran (
Date: Thu Jul 30 1998 - 07:54:27 PDT

Dear Sri Mani and Other Baghavathas,
  My Namaskarams.
>With regard to Tondar-adi-podi Alvar's verse about
>cutting off the heads of those who deny the validity
>of the Lord -- please see the following article from
>the archives
>which contains the two verses from Tirumaalai with 
>a translation of Periyavaaccaan Pillai's commentary.
>Granted, the words still strike one as being intolerant,
>but perhaps we can understand them easier in their context
>of ardent devotion, and with the idea of Vedic sacrifice.
>Rationalization? Perhaps. 

  I read the posting Sri Mani had referenced here.
  Even Islamic fundamentalists have this kind of principle that
anyone who abuses `their' Lord (actually there is only one Lord
for all) can be killed for the good of their darma. Now it seems
sanatana darma also has such doctrine. Where is the rationale?!
If Preachers and followers of each darma have their own doctrines 
which are tailored to their own convictions and affinity, where
is the Truth hiding? Why isn't there a Universal Law of the one
Lord (Sriman Narayana who is man's refuge)!?! Why should his creatures 
fight amoung themselves in such ridiculously naive manner out of 
sheer ignorance over the same Truth said in multiple ways & degrees!
Are we saying these are due to their karmas?!

Why is the One Supreme Truth blemished so much by each religion? 
Every madham is worshipping the same Supreme Being in the form of 
a suguNa Brahman. There are of course differences in the principles 
between various religions which are but means to the same goal [I
am not commenting here that the principles of all religions are 
mature enough to lead to salvation and parama padham]. So when a 
pure follower of one particular darma is sticking to his sacred 
principles, where comes the need to protect himself from the 
`ill-preachings' of other darmas. What is so ill about it anyway? 
The followers of other darma are worshipping their own conceptual Suguna 
Brahman. We are worshipping the same Lord in our own Adorable Form(s).
For us `our Lord' is the gathi. For them ` their's '. 
   If the religions are not Unified atleast in one's perception and 
the only Lord not accepted as one Supreme Being as suguNan for an 
aspirant seeker and attributeless for a muktha, don't the madhams and 
samayams and agamas seem so human-made and nurturing so varigated 
cluster of notions in islands of bhakti clans all over this `tiny'
mud particle called Earth, the manifestation of bhUmi mAthA?!

'A Rose by any other name doth smell as sweet'- though not a very
apt phrase for our subject is indeed something to ponder over.

oru poruL AnAi nArAyaNA!
nillAdha poruLillai nArAyaNA!

orukkAlum kuRaivillai nArAyaNA!
un aruLE vazhikAtum nArAyaNA!

uNarndhOr padham vIzhvEn nArAyaNA!
uNarAdhAr dhisai padiyEn nArAyaNA!

  adiyEn, oru poruL Ana paraman endhai avan dAsarkku dAsan,