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Re: Thiruvaaymozhi 7.10- I am a servant to Sriman Narayanan alone!

From: Ram Gopalaswamy (
Date: Sun Jul 12 1998 - 05:59:52 PDT

Sri.Madhavakkannan writes:

> 3. My Lord is the One who came as Govindhan, as Madhusoodhanan, as 
> Narasimhan. Isn't He? Will I be blessed to worship Him everyday? Will I 
> ever be blessed to have the darshan of His appearance on the GarudA and 
> pay obeisance to Him? Not just that. Will I be able to go to 
> ThiruvaaRanviLai and have His darshan? There at this Divyasthalam, all 
> four vEdas are recited. There, at this sthalam, vedic scholars also 
> perform five types of yaaghams and learn six a~ngas elaborately. (is it 
> Prapatti anghas that AzhwAr is talking about?). Even if I am blessed to
> get darshan of  Emperumaan's appearance on GarudA, I would still love to 
> enjoy the anubhavam (experience) of joining with Srivaishnavas at this 
> Divyasthalam (more than seeing just Emperumaan's Garuda sEvai). Will I 
> get that?

The aa.lvaar might be implying that the ultimate objective of the 
vedas is to teach total surrender (zaraNaagati) to Zriiman-naaraayaNa only.

[BTW, the six vedaangas are:
     Ziksha - phonetic science
     VyaakaraNa - grammar
     Nirukti - context (conclusive meaning)
     Cchandas - meter
     Jyotisha - time science (astronomy & astrology)
     Kalpa - rituals