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Date: Fri Jul 10 1998 - 07:04:37 PDT

Dear Members,
		Lakshmi Srinivasan has made a timely appeal to us on the continuing
discussion on a sensitive matter. The issue is not whether an individual
in one's own life can or cannot utter a mantra. It is whether one can
allow another human being to do what in one's view ancient tradition did
not permit.  In every other religion, the High Priest has the authority
to prescribe the law in religious matters.  Hindu religion is a Sanatana
Dharma solely due the absence of this rigidity and dictatorial power.  
		Let us continue to discuss literary/philosophical aspects of
SriVaishnava literature and matters relating to our own
self-enlightenment & self-conduct but eschew other topics such as the
present one.  Perhaps, we can unanimously declare: "We have said enough.
Since anything more will only cause more harm than good, let us end this
discussion now."  Even a democratic organization has a Speaker to do
this unpleasant duty.  We can collectively fill the void and say "Aye"
to Smt. Lakshmi's appeal.

Adiyen Dasan
MK Krishnaswamy