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Thiruvaaymozhi 7.10- I am a servant to Sriman Narayanan alone!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Jul 10 1998 - 01:55:39 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

NammAzhwAr, now wishes to serve the Lord of ThiruvaaRanviLai Divya 
dEsam, in this ten. 

1. My Perumaan- Bhagawaan- The One who is with Periyapiraatti 
MahAlakshmi (who sits on the beautiful Lotus flower)- protects the seven 
worlds and makes them blissful. He is here most gracefully and lovingly 
at ThiruvaaRanviLai Divya dEsam. When will I be able to go there and 
with pay obeisance to Him, with folded hands and heart full of bliss and 
eternal happiness? 
2. Bhagawaan measured the entire vast universe in His tow steps. With no 
such semblance of that capacity of measuring, He appeared as a short 
brahmin Brahmachari boy and took TrivikramAvataaram. ("kaaNmeergaL 
ulagattheerE enRu kaNmughappE nimirndha" says NammAzhwAr in another 
pasuram- See- People! And showed His Feet that grew in front of their 
eyes!). Such Greatest Lord ThirukkuRaLappan is showing Himself so 
gracefully at this Divya kshEthram of ThiruvaaRanviLai, which is full of 
beautiful sky scrapping creepers, tall ramparts, etc.. Will I be blessed 
to go there? Will I be able to sprinkle the fragrant water in the temple 
and perform kaimkaryam and pay obeisance to the Lord? Will it ever 
3. My Lord is the One who came as Govindhan, as Madhusoodhanan, as 
Narasimhan. Isn't He? Will I be blessed to worship Him everyday? Will I 
ever be blessed to have the darshan of His appearance on the GarudA and 
pay obeisance to Him? Not just that. Will I be able to go to 
ThiruvaaRanviLai and have His darshan? There at this Divyasthalam, all 
four vEdas are recited. There, at this sthalam, vedic scholars also 
perform five types of yaaghams and learn six a~ngas elaborately. (is it 
Prapatti anghas that AzhwAr is talking about?). Even if I am blessed to 
get darshan of  Emperumaan's appearance on GarudA, I would still love to 
enjoy the anubhavam (experience) of joining with Srivaishnavas at this 
Divyasthalam (more than seeing just Emperumaan's Garuda sEvai). Will I 
get that?
4. There are lots of sugarcane plants and paddy fields at this Divya 
sthalam of ThiruvaaRanviLai. The whole place is so fertile. The Lord, 
who gracefully is present at this Divya dEsam- Is it possible for me to 
pay obeisance to Him, without going there at all? (just by mere thought 
alone at all times). That Lord is the most Grandest Chief of all three 
lOkAs. He is the same one who was born at Vada madurai as Sri KrishNan. 
Is it possible from here itself to think of His Lotus feet and prostrate 
without going to ThiruvaaRanviLai?

5. I shall always think of His Lotus Feet ,keep them in my Heart and pay 
obeisance to Them at all times. The Lord, Sriman Narayanan, who lies 
down on AdhisEshan- blesses me gracefully and very specially, in front 
of so many Vaishnavas (by using me as instrument to sing all these 
pAsurams on Himself). (What a krupaakaran is He!) That Most merciful 
Lord is staying at ThiruvaaRanviLai. If we sing His Glories, guNAs and 
also the beauty and sanctity of this Divya dEsam, devotedly , all our 
sins will run away from us and vanish completely.

6. Bhagawaan KaNNan fought with sisupaalan, and married RukmiNi 
piraatti. Such a valorous Lord- I shall always keep Him in my heart. He 
also, to bless me and out of His Grace, is staying in me, just for 
showering His grace on me. Such Most Merciful dearest Emperumaan, is 
there at ThiruvaaRanviLai. Oh BhAgawathAs (Servants of the Lord!) Please 
go there and pay obeisance to Him. If you do that, all your sins 
(whatsoever) will get automatically destroyed.

7. This ThiruvaaRanviLai Divya dEsam is so beautiful and so naturally 
laid out with gardens, full of flowers. Emperumaan, who is there at this 
sthalam, is the One who appeared as Sri KrishNan and won over 
bhANAsuran, and also sivan, who came in support of him. Sri KrishNan cut 
the 1000 shoulders of this asuran. Such Most Valorous KaNNan- But for 
His Lotus Feet- there is nothing else that we can take refuge. Hence, 
the best means (upaayam) is to surrender to His Lotus Feet. 

8. In the big pond, when the elephant GajEdndrA was caught by the 
crocodile, it called Him "AdhimoolamE - The Primordial Chief! There is 
nothing that can save me except Your Lotus Feet!". He immediately 
appeared on GarudA and removed its suffering, killed the crocodile and 
saved the elephant. Such an upakaarakan (Helpful Lord!) Piraan - KaNNan- 
is there at ThiruvaaRanviLai. If we go there and pay obeisance to such a 
Lord, our sins will NOT stay with us anymore. Hence, will I reach that 

9. (In this pasuram, AzhwAr says: ThiruvaaRanviLai is better than Sri 
Vaikuntam.) Even if I am able to reach the Pramapadham, not to let my 
sins dare touch the AthmA- still I would rather love to be at 
ThiruvaaRanviLai, than to be at Sri Vaikuntam. There at this sthlam, 
everyone, by their manas, vaak, and kaayam (thoughts, words and actions) 
mention only His Thirunaamam and pay obeisance to Him. Hence, will I 
ever get His blessing of reaching that place and prostrate at His Feet 
and pay obeisance to Him with folded hands? Like that my heart is 

10. Emperumaan- Devapiraan-  is worshipped by Srivaishnavas, (the 
servants of Narayanan), with their thoughts, deeds and words completely. 
Such Suddha satva Emperumaan- the Purest Beautiful Form- is there 
gracefully at ThiruvaaRanviLai Thiruppathi to enchant our minds and make 
us blissful. After knowing and realising completely that He alone shall 
be the Master to whom we are eternal servants, my mind can NOT catch 
hold of anything or anyone else. In fact He knows my mind; That 
Mysterious mischievous Maayavan also knows what all He is going to do 
(on us!).  

11. After knowing completely the servitude and finally determined to be 
the eternal servant to Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan alone , Sri SadagOpar 
has sung wholeheartedly 1000 pAsurams on Emperumaan without whom, there 
is NO OTHER MEANS for us. Out of those 1000, the learners of these ten 
will be addressed by Devas as Purest Srivaishnavas and Devas would tell 
that to their wives too. 

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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