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From: Ramesh Sarangapani (sarangap_at_ME.UDel.Edu)
Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 17:35:57 PDT

My dear Bhagavatas,

Please accept adiyEn's pranamam.

I would like to request all of you to consider the following
appeal very seriously and give it wide publicity.

The construction of our Sri Ranganatha temple is moving on
swiftly. The estimated cost to complete the construction
is 1.3 miilion dollars. We are falling far short of this
amount. Hence this urgent appeal to bhagavathotamas for you
kind support.

Our Sri Ranganatha temple will have a total area of 6500 square
feet uptairs (with all sannidhis) and an equally good 6500 sq. feet
built-in area for kalyana mandapam downstarirs, thus a total of
13,000 sq. feet. May I request you all to kindly sponsor as
many sq. feet as possible at the rate of $101 per sq. feet,
or in the true Sri Vaishnava tradition of $111 per sq. feet. 
Who knows, the sq. feet you sponsored may be right
at the feet of Lord Ranganatha or Sri Maha Lakshmi.

I request you very sincerely to please spread the word
around of sponsoring a square-foot until we complete the
temple. Please do your best. Please send this appeal to
your friends and family.

Thank you.