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Re: Ahimsa, Logic, and Changing with the times
Date: Wed Jul 29 1998 - 16:04:57 PDT

Sri Dileepan wrote-

" Sri Ramanuja says
that animals killed in the course of such violence go to
heaven.  Therefore, Sri Ramanuja says, such violence is
actually good for the animals killed for this purpose."

This  argument was challenged by Buddhists while advocating non - violence in
its strictest interpretation (without understanding the rationale provided in
the Sastras) saying that if the sacrificed animals go to heaven, why not the
Yajamanas sacrifice their own parents and elders so that they could also
ascend to the very heaven !

Also, it may be noticed that for plucking the holy basil leaves  for offering
to the Lord in Tiruvaradana that a prayer is uttered pleading to Tulasi Devi
to pardon us for the
' himsa ' perpetrated on her in the act of plucking and this is not without
reason (though we may not understand its significance)

Such is our tradition (not just Buddhist or Jain) to perform Prayaschittam for
accidental ' himsa' done while carrying out our daily chores to various living
creatures, which have been identified to take place in five contexts.

Such is also our tradition that as we wake up in the morning we are required
to beseech pardon of Bhumi Devi (Mother Earth) for having to tread on her.

As you rightly put it, any change ought to be advised by our Acharyas and
definitely not by folk like us having just some book knowledge and pet

Anbil Ramaswamy