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Re: bhakti

From: V. Chandrasekaran (
Date: Wed Jul 29 1998 - 02:44:56 PDT

Dear Bhagavathas,
   adiyEnin paNivAna namaskAram.

   This is with regard to the recent post reply by Sri Dileepan.

> such as Samanam and Saivam.  One Azhvaar goes to the extent of 
> saying that he will make it his duty to cut off their heads.
> If this note causes any hurt please accept my apologies.

   Is this not preaching intolerance towards other darmas and isn't adorning 
such ideas fundamentalism? What difference lies here between this doctrine 
and that of today's islamic countries? Sri Dileepan, pls. don't put such 
quotes for others to read (others here includes Sri Vaishnavas). These kind 
of posts more cause sympathy than they hurt. Of what use is asking and 
accepting apologies when the Truth itself is ignored!
   Though the author has agreed his incapacity in approving and disapproving
the doctrine proposed by the original author of the subject post "Bhakti",
I would like to say a few words here: We should keep in mind that we don't
even have deserving authority to chide the pAda rENu of the holy saints of 
other darmas. It is not justified admiring any saint who intends to cause 
violence to or severely criticizes followers of other darmas. Won't it only 
mean that he hasn't understood the concept of darma etal. in the purest form?
If that saint gives so much importance to his samayam that he is forced to 
criticise and go the extent that he would even kill the followers of an 
anniya darma, it is really a pitiable state that he didn't only forget his 
goal but also trespassed other's path to the same goal. [ He is as bad a sinner
as the Chola king who plucked the eyes of a disciple of Srimad Ramanuja for
worshipping Narayana. ]

   thAn thamadhu aRatthil ozhugin
   piRa sindhanai koLLAr?

   uNmai gna~nam thOnRin nAnavarivar 
   enum vERRumai ninayAr.

   avarE iRaivan thoNdar avarE
   adiyavar AvAr.

   It's so beautiful and encouraging that in the end, after all this 
turmoil of thoughts and confusions the Truth prevails in all its glory 
just the same way as the sUrya oLi kraNangaL and the Supreme Narayana 
Brahman. That's His decree.
   adiyEn, uNmai uNarndhOr adipodi,