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Re: Bhakti

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Tue Jul 28 1998 - 13:04:30 PDT

At 07:04 AM 7/28/1998 -0400, Radhika Srinivasan ( wrote:
>Dear Sahridayas,
>.....  I have made comparative studies in Vaishnavism and Buddhism and
>found deep gratification in both, which appear as two sides of the same coin,
>Buddha being called Narayana and Kalanthaka (conquoror of kala), both being

This note is not written in disapproval (I am not qualified to 
approve or disapproval), but only to share a small peace of 
information that may be relevant and many I am sure 
already know.

Sri Vaishnavas do consider Buddha an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, 
but of a contrarian kind.  The Lord came to the world as Buddha to 
spread lies among asuras in order to mislead them.

Our Azhvaars have severely criticized Buddhism, among other religions
such as Samanam and Saivam.  One Azhvaar goes to the extent of 
saying that he will make it his duty to cut off their heads.

If this note causes any hurt please accept my apologies.

 -- adiyEn raamanuja dhaasan