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Date: Tue Jul 28 1998 - 04:04:30 PDT

Dear Sahridayas,
I have been reading all the posts with avid interest but this is my first
contribution. I have made comparative studies in Vaishnavism and Buddhism and
found deep gratification in both, which appear as two sides of the same coin,
Buddha being called Narayana and Kalanthaka (conquoror of kala), both being
epithets of Vishnu as well. Having come from a tradition which celebrates the
Divyaprabandham, I have asked many Bhaktas this question but have felt the
answers somehow unconvincing. I would like to know from the erudite minds of
this forum what in their opinion is Unconditional love. What they think
Saranagati truly means in an everyday mundane context...
Meanwhile, here's something I would like to share amongst the votaries..
Love Offering

Flowers and fruits, milk, honey and incense,
Rice cakes and candles, sweet songs and chanting,
Sandal and camphor to fill Thee with fragrance;
All these and more, sense-tingling offering.
Indeed! what can I offer Thee when I am Thine?
How can I offer Thee when nothing is mine?
When Thou dwellest in mine heart pristine, 
Can I be anything but Thy Sunshine? 

Yet, Hrishikesha ! why do I feel the way I do?
Sense controller! Dost Thou feel that way too?
Oh tell me pray, why do I see stars in my tears?
Why do I see my heartís murmur as Thy fears?

When tíis Thy body I wear and Thy soul I bear,
Tíis then Thee that suffers, through my pain.
So, what on earth can I truly offer Thee?
No pain, no gain;  not even a sand grain!
Radhika Srinivasan
you can Email me at

Adiyen daasi