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Re: use of silk etc.,

From: narayanan kazhiyur (
Date: Mon Jul 27 1998 - 10:29:26 PDT

dear mr.chanrasekaran,

though i accept most of the sattvic views in your posting, i would like 
to clarify the purpose of avoiding non-veg food habits of our 
ancesters.i only present my humble view. if i am wrong, i request for 
posting in this subject and i will eventually correct my stand.

1.unlike buddists and jains avoiding non-veg food is not driven by 
non-violence. it is actually due to the fact that foods have been 
bifurcated as sattvic, rajasic and tamasic.
2. by eating non-veg food one gets tamasic mentality and hence it bars 
on one's knowledge, one's willingness to learn (against athatho bramha 
jingnayasa") and hence brahmins were barred from eating as it would 
result in desires, fear and all negative attitudes which should not be 
with brahmins.

3. similarly some vegetables also yield to rajasic character.

in this connection i have heard very little  about the work of  "akara 
niyathi" of swami desikan. i shall be thankful if someone volunteers to 
contribute in this list as it would be useful to many others.