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GodhA PiraattI- Happy Birthday ammA!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Jul 26 1998 - 20:38:22 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Today is a Great day. The day of our Dearest Mother GodhA Piraatti's 
Thirunakhsthram, Thiru Adi pooram- Sri AndAL's Birthday. BhUmi Piraati 
took the avatar as an ordinary girl amongst us to bless us with rich, 
philosophical, easy-to-understand pAsurams of ThiruppAvai and 
Naacchiyaar Thirumozhi (30+143 verses). She is so merciful that she sang 
the 30 verses that are simply the essence of all vEdAs. Let us remind 
ourselves of what Our Dearest Great AchAryAs Sri RamanujA and Swami 
Desikan say on GodhA Piraatti. 

As Sri RamanujAchAryA ("Thiruppavai jeeyer"- Elder Brother of AndAL!) 

Thiruppavai (30 verses) can alleviate all our enormous Greatest sins; 
They can show us the Lotus Feet of Paraman (Sriman Narayanan) and bless 
us. They are the seed of all VedAs. Those who do NOT know these 30 
(5x5+5) verses of GodhA are simply burden to the Earth (BhUmipiraati - 
Sri AndAL). (Let us pray to Her and YathirAjA for granting us the 
determination so that we will recite these 30 verses everyday morning 
POSITIVELY and NOT cause further burden to our dearest Mother 
GodhAPiraatti- BhUmi Piraatti.)

(I was simply overwhelmed by our Sri SadagOpan's and Sri Anbil Swami's 
deep, lovely posts on the name "GodhA". We are blessed by such 
BhAgawathAs amongst us in this group.)

Swami Desikan in his GodhAsthuthi (verse 24) says: (Free 
translation-please forgive me for any errors):
Oh GodhA Piraatti! Sriman NarayanA's role is to carryout punitive 
actions against us (who are trespassing sasthrAs and are committing 
sins/apachaarams). But Periya Piraati MahAlakshmi, the Most Merciful 
Mother is there by His side to be soft on us and always recommends us 
(the sinners) to Sriman Narayanan for forgiving our apachaarams out of 
Her compassion. How many times He can yield to Her reco's? (before even 
the performance of our sins gets dried, Sri Lakshmi recommends us for 
His pardon!). He gets vexed and is totally helpless and turns His face 
to the other side (in disgust- THAT He is always asked by the Mother 
MahAlakshmi- Periya Piraatti- to forgive us (the sinners )- How merciful 
She is!). On such occasions when the Lord turns away from Lakshmi, on 
this side there sits equally Most Merciful BhUmi Piraatti GodhAPiraatti- 
who is taking her turn to recommend us again to the Lord! He, simply 
smiles both of You (Periya Piraatti and GodhApiraatti) and forgives us! 
When You and Periya Piraatti are there, GodhA! What is there to worry 

Let us pay our obeisance to Sri AndAL on Her Birthday and pray to Her 
for Her Most Merciful Glances on us always to forgive us for all our 
trespasses and apachaarams/sins.  

Sri AndAL ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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