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Date: Sun Jul 26 1998 - 06:13:33 PDT

Please accept mu humble obeisances.

I whole heartedly agree with Sriman Mani's posting that one should not
hanker after material things and worry over their effects while 
worshipping Saigarm Sila. Even in the the chapter I had quoted, you will 
see that it mearly states what various puranas say but in the end when 
the Visnu Purana is mentioned it quite clearly states that one should 
not have material motives for Saligram worship and goes on to further 
state that all the mentions that are made in the other puranas are only 
for those with material hankerings.

I have one doubt which I request the members of this list to clarify.

How many times should one offer Naivedhiam to the Saligarm Sila. Should 
it be done twice-once in the morning and once in the evening or is once 
enough. Also for people like me who go to work, what should one do, for 
what ever reason one is not able to offer Naivedhiam for Saligarm


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