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Re: Help

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jul 25 1998 - 04:27:40 PDT

At 07:04 AM 7/23/98 -0600, you wrote:

>Dear V. Sadagopan:

>Im from Mexico. I have read your interesting writes about King Kulasekhara
>and the Mukunda Mala Stotra. Would you please send to me the complete
>sanscrit version of these verses, the english translation and your
>comments; i have read only the first 8 verses of this beatiful work.  

Dear Mr. Borges-Caamal : Many thanks for your kind note .
I appreciate very much your interest in this beautiful sthOthram 
by King KulasEkharA , which is filled with loving devotion for 
the Lord . I completed the English Translation and commentary 
on the Verses with the Sanskrit Text few years ago and it was 
just sitting there with other manuscripts . Then I decided to 
post some of the verses on the Bhakthi list . I usually move 
on to postings on other subjects , when I feel that I may 
be imposing too much on people's attention span . That is why 
I discontinued writing on the other slOkams of this sthOthram .

This monograph is 100 plus pages and is with me .
Let me check around and  see some one from Bhakthi list 
here would like to come forward to volunteer to post them 
in a serial form thru the Bhakthi List and thereby 
to the archives on the Internet  . 

By the way , are you a student of Sanskrit and Hinduism ?
I am delighted to hear from you . I have been to Your 
lovely country a few times in connection with IBM Business
in " my previous life " .

Best Regards,