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Re: Saligram

From: narayanan kazhiyur (
Date: Fri Jul 24 1998 - 21:40:27 PDT

dear mr.mani,

the ilustration of paramaikantin is really brilliant.
would you kind enough to throw light on some of the do's and dont's
of a paramikantin or atleast an "ekantin"

i also accept the view that god in any form is acceptable for worship.
for devotees, we should always remember the words of our alwars,

"nannenje namperupan namkku arul than seivane"
"thirumal thalikonda nankattku enge varum theevinaiye"

but still due to the attachement to material things, still we fear the 
worship of our own namperuman. it is intersting to note that, calender 
of  sri krishna with flute on his mouth and a cow beside him, many of 
our own vasihnavas fear to keep in the house as it is wrongly believed 
that it would wipe off the wealth.i was also one of such people once. 
after discussing with elders it took long time for me to come out of 
this wrong notion. not wrong to assume that a  PARAMATMA ONCE just for his freinds, 
goes as a messenger.(during old days duty of messenger is not so great!- 
it was looked down upon as a menieal service)
2. is it not wrong THE GRATEST SOUL just for his freindship addresses 
Arjuna as "priosmi.. etc, etc.. (we can compile one more sahasranamam on 
arjuna as told by parthasarathi in gita.)
we have to come out of these 


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