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The different terms for "Father".

From: Krishnamachari, N (Krish) (
Date: Fri Jul 24 1998 - 15:05:41 PDT

When SrI Mani raised the question on different terms used for "Father", my
first reaction was "why is he writing about such an outwardly uninteresting
issue?".  But then I read the very informative write-up by SrImAn Sadagopan
giving examples of the use of these different terms by the AzhvArs in divya
prabandham, and the significance of these names in the context of our father
being the one who gave us our j~nAnOpadESa.  It is then that I realized the
significance of Mani's question.  This is just one more instance where I am
reminded of my deep ignorance and inability to comprehend the wealth of of
our sampradAyam, but I am very happy that I am in the company of this group
of great souls who I am sure will succesfully salvage the likes of me in due
course.  We are indeed blessed that bhagavAn has given us SrImAn Sadagopan
who takes the interest in us and gives us an idea of the deep significance
of some of these outwardly innocent subjects (see bhakti list v003.n009.1
dated July 22, 98 in case you missed his original write-up).  I pray to
bhagavAn for the blessing to cotinue in the company of people like Mani and
SrImAn Sadagopan.

 -dAsan kr*shNamAcAryan